Washington Capitals Bobbleheads

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Bobblehead News!

PlayerWhenWhereNo. madeTeamPhoto
John Carlson3/22/2022SGA20136Caps
Tom Wilson (link)10/27/2021SGA20520Caps
Garnet Hathaway (link)7/18/2020Inova Blood DriveCaps
John Carlson3/28/2020Inova Blood DriveCaps
Carl Hagelin2/1/2020Inova Blood DriveCaps
Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati12/7/2019Inova Blood DriveCaps
Nicklas Backstrom as an Elf11/2019Holiday packCaps
Nick Jensen7/27/2019Inova Blood DriveCaps
Brett Connolly4/6/2019Inova Blood DriveCaps
Evgeny Kuznetsov3/26/2019SGA19008Caps
Parker Milner3/2/2019SGA2000Stingrays
Alex Ovechkin1/26/2019Inova Blood DriveCaps
Michael Kempny12/1/2018Inova Blood DriveCaps
Chandler Stephenson7/18/2018Inova Blood DriveCaps
John Walton (link)3/31/2018Inova Blood Drive750Caps
T.J. Oshie3/20/2018SGA19062Caps
Jakub Vrana (link)1/27/2018Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Garrett Mitchell1/24/2018SGA5000Bears
Marcus Perrier1/6/2018SGA2000Stingrays
Philipp Grubauer11/4/2017Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Andre Burakovsky (link)7/15/2017Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Nate Schmidt (link)4/8/2017Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Braden Holtby (link)3/21/2017SGA19008Capsholtby
Lars Eller (link)1/28/2017Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Trevor Gillies (link)12/31/2016SGA2000Stingrays
Alex Ovechkin (link)12/22/2016Holiday PackCapsbobble
Marcus Johansson (link)11/26/2016Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Dmitry Orlov (link)8/6/2016Inova Blood Drive750CapsScreen Shot 2016-06-10 at 4.55.30 PM
Chris Bourque Garden Gnome4/15/2016SGA5000BearsScreen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.46.45 PM
Andre Burakovsky4/1/2016Monumental RewardsCaps
Doug Yingst (link)3/26/2016SGA5000BearsScreen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.35.52 PM
Evgeny Kuznetsov figurine (link)3/26/2016SGACapsCeJ30eNWwAAF2rj
T.J. Oshie3/5/2016Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Braden Holtby Holtbeast Action Figure (link)2/24/2016SGA19008Capsholtbeast
Mike Moore (fireman) (link)1/24/2016SGA5000BearsScreen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.44.17 PM
Barry Trotz1/15/2016SGA1000Portland Pirates
Justin Williams1/9/2016Inova Blood Drive750Capsa23c9742-05fc-45d2-a061-46af631670a5
Cool Ray (link)12/12/2015SGA1000Stingrays
T.J. Oshie12/1/2015Holiday PackCaps(via capitals.nhl.com)
Evgeny Kuznetsov11/14/2015Inova Blood Drive750CapsScreen Shot 2015-10-09 at 7.45.16 PM
Tom Wilson (link)10/1/2015Kids Club3504CapsIMG_3888
Brooks Orpik (link)7/18/2015Inova Blood Drive750CapsScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.38.55 PM
Tom Wilson4/18/2015Inova Blood Drive750CapsWP952015013195099538951295Pro
Shep Rose (link)3/20/2015SGA1000Stingrays
Alex Ovechkin - 40th Anniversary Edition (link)2/19/2015SGA19008CapsB9rNucsCAAA6Qmu
Matt Niskanen1/31/2015Inova Blood Drive750Capsunnamed
Patrick Gaul (link)1/17/2015SGA1000Stingrays1415PatrickGaulBobbleheadNight
3-foot Alex Ovechkin (link)1/1/2014For corporate sponsors55Caps
Dane Byers (link)12/13/2014SGA5000Bears6snap-141214-171121
Barry Trotz12/6/2014Inova Blood Drive750CapsTrotz bobblehead (Photo via the Caps)
Nicklas Backstrom Winter Classic (link)11/1/2014Kids Club3504Caps
Joel Ward7/26/2014Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Nicklas Backstrom (link)3/1/2014Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Jay Beagle (link)1/4/2014Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Darius Rucker (link)1/4/2014SGA2000Stingraysrucker
Philipp Grubauer (link)1/4/2014SGA5000Bears
Joel Rechlicz (link)12/21/2013SGA5000Bears
Braden Holtby (link)11/9/2013Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Troy Brouwer (link)11/5/2013SGA19008Caps
Nicklas Backstrom (away jersey) (link)10/1/2013Season Ticket HoldersCaps
Alex Ovechkin (away jersey) (link)10/1/2013Season Ticket HoldersCaps
Mike Green (away jersey) (link)9/1/2013Season Ticket HoldersCaps
Olaf Kolzig (link)3/23/2013Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Nicklas Backstrom Garden Gnome (link)2/5/2013SGA15000Caps
Jason Chimera (link)1/10/2013Kids Club3504Caps
Olaf Kolzig (link)1/1/2013Game1000Pirates
Slapshot12/1/2012Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Coco (Skinny) (link)12/15/2012SGA5000Bears
Matt Hendricks (link)7/28/2012Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Keith Aucoin (link)3/24/2012SGA5000Bears
Karl Alzner (link)3/1/2012Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Matt Scherer (link)2/11/2012SGA1000Stingrays
Olaf Kolzig1/1/2012SGA2000Admirals
Michal Neuvirth (link)11/5/2011Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Slapshot (Toothbrush Holder)12/1/2012Kids Club3504Caps
Alex Ovechkin (Winter Classic)11/1/2011Ticket Package8000Caps
Jeff Schultz (link)7/1/2011Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Nicklas Backstrom (link)4/2/2011SGA15000Caps
Semyon Varlamov (link)3/27/2011Inova Blood Drive750Caps
STH Bobblehead Set (link)
Nicklas Backstrom
John Carlson
Mike Green
Brooks Laich
Alex Ovechkin
Tomas Vokoun
2/1/2011Season Ticket Holders7000Caps
Mike Knuble (link)10/1/2010Kids Club5500Caps
Brooks Laich10/1/2010Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Slapshot10/1/2010Kids Club3504Caps
John Carlson7/1/2010Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Alexander Semin3/1/2010Inova Blood Drive750Caps
Mike Green (link)10/3/2009SGA15000Caps
Travis Morin (link)2/7/2009SGA2500Stingrays
Peter Bondra2/1/2009Red Cross Blood Drive400-600Caps
Spencer Carbery1/1/2009RetailStingrays
Alex Ovechkin (link)12/18/2008SGA15000Caps
Bruce Boudreau (link)11/14/2008SGA15000Caps
Alex Ovechkin (link)4/5/2008SGA15000Caps
Nate Kiser (link)3/15/2008SGA2500Stingrays
Rod Langway (link)2/1/2008Red Cross Blood Drive600-700Caps
Alex Ovechkin - 3-foot - (link)1/1/2008For corporate sponsorsCaps
Cail MacLean (link)3/10/2007SGA2500Stingrays
Trevor Johnson (link)3/11/2006SGAStingrays
Alex Ovechkin - 3-foot (link)11/24/06For corporate sponsors100Caps
Frank Mathers2/1/2006SGABears
Mike Nykoluk12/1/2005SGABears
Kirk Daubenspeck (link)3/12/2005SGAStingrays
Coco (Chubby)2/27/2005SGA4500Bears
Denis Bonvie (link)11/21/2004SGA4500Bears
Brett Clark (link)3/21/2004SGA4500Bears
Brett Marietti (link)3/13/2004SGA2500Stingrays
Bruce Richardson (link)12/7/2003SGA4500Bears
David Seitz (link)2/22/2003SGA2500Stingrays
Phil Suave (link)1/22/2003SGA10000Bears
Peter Bondra (link)1/11/2002SGAGiven to every fan in attendanceCaps
Olaf Kolzig (link)2/26/2002SGAGiven to every fan in attendanceCaps
Jaromir Jagr Giveaway (Away)2002Upper DeckCaps
Mini Bobbles Four Piece Set2002Retail: Forever CollectiblesCaps
Jaromir Jagr Bendable Bobble2002Retail: Alex Global PromotionsCaps
Jaromir Jagr Mini Bobble2002Retail: Bobble DobblesCaps
Jaromir Jagr2002Pacific Trading Cards1000Caps
Jaromir Jagr Play Makers2002Retail: Upper DeckCaps
Jaromir Jagr Giveaway (Home)2002Retail: Upper DeckCaps
Chris Simon (link)11/8/2001SGAGiven to every fan in attendanceCaps
Jaromir Jagr Play Makers (Away)2001Retail: Upper DeckCaps
Olaf Kolzig (Home)2001Retail: Forever Collectibles20,037Caps
Jaromir Jagr 2001-02 Series2001RetailCaps
Peter Bondra2001Retail: Forever Collectibles20,012Caps
2-Faced Bondra and Jagr (link)2001Prototypes1Caps
Jaromir Jagr Play Makers (Home)2001Retail: Upper DeckCaps
Jaromir Jagr (link)11/21/2001SGAGiven to every fan in attendanceCaps
Jaromir Jagr (Home)2001RetailCaps
Jaromir Jagr2001Retail: Forever Collectibles20,068Caps
Ted Leonsis2000sCustomCaps/Wizardsleonsis bobble
Adam Oates Headliner1998Retail: CorinthianCaps
Chris Simon Headliner1998Retail: CorinthianCaps
Olaf Kolzig Headliner (Away)1998Retail: CorinthianCaps
Olaf Kolzig Headliner (Home)1998Retail: CorinthianCaps
Generic Cap1989SkoreCaps
Baltimore Clippers1960sRetailClippers
Vintage Hershey Bears1960sRetailBears

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