$400 for a Langway Bobblehead?

Posted September 5, 2012

On Feb. 9, 2008, while the Capitals were on the verge of becoming a respectable club under then-coach Bruce Boudreau, the team held a blood drive at Kettler and gave away a limited edition Rod Langway American Red Cross bobblehead. While the Caps continue to do this with the twice-a-year Inova Blood Drive, those who attended this event and received the Langway wobbler might have a gem on their hands (as opposed to those who collected the Chris Simons and Jaromir Jagrs back in the day).

For those searching for one to purchase, the Langway bobblehead is not easy to find. A simple Google search for ‘rod langway bobblehead’ yielded no relevant web pages or images (which could be because this blog didn’t start until 2009). Where to search? Ebay, of course. One result appeared, with a starting bid of $299.99, and a Buy it Now for $399.99 (plus shipping).

Is the item worth that much? Certainly not for regular folks, but considering it’s the only place to purchase it without far more effort, I can’t blame the owner for putting a high price tag on it to see if anyone bites. Is there demand for it? Of all the former Caps, Langway, a two-time Norris Trophy winner, Hall of Famer, and current  team ambassador, is certainly one who makes sense on the mantle alongside current Caps.

People with way too much money and a fascination with bobbleheads can get this on eBay. Those who attended the event and have this item may want to dust it off and keep it safe just in case they need a few extra bucks.

BTW, there’s a commercial to go along with this:

Note: While the author of this post writes extensively about Capitals bobbleheads, he personally owns none and finds them to be ridiculous.