Washington Capitals’ First NHL Goals

Here is a list of Washington Capitals who scored their first NHL goal with the team.

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Alex Ovechkin and Mike Gartner are tied with eight assists for first-time goal scorers.

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2019-11-09Jonas SiegenthalerVGKBoydW, 5-2Scores on the one-year anniversary of his first game. | Story | Video
2018-12-29Madison Bowey@OTTWilsonW, 3-2Scores his first goal on the same night Tyler Lewington scores his first. | Story | Video
2018-12-29Tyler Lewington@OTTBackstrom, SiegenthalerW, 3-2Lewington gets a Gordie Howe hat trick in the same game, the second of his career. | Story | Video
2018-12-08Travis Boyd@CBJOvechkin, DowdW, 4-0Scores in 21st career game. | Story | Video
2017-10-26Chandler StephensonVANBeagle, BoweyL, 2-6Scores in his 14th career game, getting Madison Bowey his first career point. | Video
2017-10-11Christian Djoos*PITEller, ConnollyL, 2-3Scores in first career game and also has an assist. | Story | Video
2017-10-07Nathan Walker*MTLSmith-Pelly, BeagleW, 6-1Tips in a shot in his first career game. First Australian player to play in NHL. | Video
2017-02-11Zach SanfordANAConnolly, NiskanenW, 6-4Scores the winner against Anaheim in his 21st career game. | Story | Video
2016-12-09Jakub Vrana@BUFKuznetsov, OrlovW, 4-1Scores in his 5th career game. | Video
2016-02-06Paul Carey@NJDNiskanen, LaichW, 3-2Scores once in 10 games with the Caps. | Story | Video
2015-04-11Stanislav GalievNYROrpik, LattaL, 2-4Scores first goal in final game of season, in final 30 seconds of game. | Story | Video
2014-10-26Liam O'BrienVANGreenL, 2-4Scores in his eighth career game. | Story
2014-10-09Andre Burakovsky*MONBrouwerSOL, 2-1Scores in his first career game. | Story | Video
2014-03-25Evgeny KuznetsovLAKOvechkin, FehrSOL, 4-5Ties the game, 4-4, in his eighth career game. | Story | Video
2014-03-22Chris Brown@SJSPenner, WilsonW, 3-2Ties the game which helps the Caps win in San Jose for the first time in nearly 21 years. | Story | Video
2014-02-08Julien BrouilletteNJDWey, BackstromW, 3-0Scores in second career game. | Story | Video
2013-12-07Nate SchmidtNSHErat, WardW, 5-2Scores in 25th career game. | Story | Video
2013-11-15Michael Latta@DETCarlson, AlznerW, 4-3Scores in 10th career game. | Story | Video
2013-11-05Tom WilsonNYIOvechkin, GrabovskiW, 6-2Wilson gets a shaving cream pie to the face, delivered by Ovechkin, and has to leave the media scrum to wipe it off. | Story | Video
2013-10-03Connor CarrickCGYJohansson, AlznerW, 5-4Scores on a breakaway in his second career game. | Story | Video
2013-03-10Steven OleksyNYRChimera, JohanssonL, 1-4Scores in 4th career game. | Story | Video
2013-03-05Tomas KundratekBOSFehr, BackstromW, 4-3Scores his only NHL goal with the Caps. | Video
2012-01-15Dmitry OrlovCARChimeraW, 2-1Scores the game-winner in the third period. | Video
2011-11-04Cody Eakin@CARSeminW, 5-1Scores in second career game. | Video
2010-12-21Andrew GordonNJDJohansson, ErskineW, 5-1Also has an assist. Kisses Marcus Johansson afterward. 8th career game. | Video
2010-10-19Marcus JohanssonBOSChimera, HendricksL, 1-3Scores in his fifth career game. | Video
2010-03-25John Carlson@CARChimera, ErskineSOL, 2-3Scores in his 18th career game.
2009-11-23Jay Beagle@OTTUnassistedL, 3-4Scores in 7th career game.
2009-11-07Mathieu PerreaultFLAUnassistedW, 7-4Scores in third career game, early in the third period. | VideoMathieu Perreault
2009-01-01Sean CollinsTBLOvechkin, MorrisonnW, 7-4Scores his only NHL goal with the Caps.
2008-12-30Chris Bourque@BUFSteckel, FehrW, 4-2Scores in 9th career game. | Video
2008-12-06Karl Alzner@TORUnassistedW, 2-1Scores in 6th career game.
2008-10-25Tyler Sloan@DALKozlov, OvechkinW, 6-5Scores in his third career game.
2007-12-10Quintin LaingNJDErskine, BradleyW, 3-2Scores in fifth game with the Caps.
2007-11-08Nicklas Backstrom@OTTKozlov, NylanderW, 4-1Scores in his 16th career game. | Video
2007-10-29Jeff Schultz@TORNylander, PettingerW, 7-1Scores in 44th career game.
2007-10-24Dave SteckelTBLOvechkin, KozlovW, 5-3Scores in his 20th career game.
2007-03-16Alexandre GirouxTOREminger, GreenW, 5-1Scores in 6th career game.
2007-02-24Tomas Fleischmann@NJDGordonW, 4-2Scores in 23rd career game.
2007-01-27Eric FehrCARSeminW, 7-3Scores in his 14th career game.
2006-12-29Lawrence Nycholat@NJDOvechkin, ZubrusL, 3-4Scores both NHL goals with the Caps
2006-02-03Mike GreenTOROvechkin, ClarkW, 4-1Scores in his 13th career game, his only goal that season. | Video
2005-11-19Brooks Laich@MTLKlepis, FleischmannW, 5-1Laich played briefly before the lockout but didn't score his first goal until 11 games into the 2005 season.
2005-11-04Jakub Klepis*ATLBiron, WillsieW, 3-2Scores in first career game. | Story
2005-10-10Petr SykoraNYRFriesen, CasselsW, 3-2Scores twice in 10 career games before returning to the Czech Republic.
2005-10-10Steve EmingerNYRClarkW, 3-2Scores in his third season with the Caps.
2005-10-05Alex Ovechkin*CBJZubrus, HalpernW, 3-2Scores twice in his first career game. | Story
2003-10-31Alexander SeminATLLangW, 2-1Scores in 4th career game.
2003-10-11Boyd GordonATLJagr, WittL, 3-4Scores in his second career game.
2003-10-09John GrudenNYIWillsieW, 6-1Scores only NHL goal with the Caps.
2002-12-19Rick BerryBOSNylander, JagrW, 5-3Scores both NHL goals with the Caps.
2002-11-29Brian SutherbyOTTKonowalchuk, GrierL, 2-6Scores in 21st career game.
2002-04-06Nolan Yonkman@NYISimon, KonowalchukL, 4-5Scores his only NHL goal with the Caps.
2002-03-23J.F. Fortin@CBJDahlenW, 5-2Scores only NHL goal with the Caps.
2001-12-26Stephen PeatPHISaccoL, 1-4Scores in 17th career game and fights Donald Brashear. | Video
2001-11-13Matt PettingerOTTZubrus, GoncharL, 5-11Scores in his 19th career game.
2001-03-09Trent WhitfieldNYRUnassistedW, 5-3Scores Scores in 47th career game.
1999-11-03Glen MetropolitOTTOates, GoncharW, 3-1Has two goals and an assist in his second career game. | Video
1999-10-19Jeff HalpernANAElomo, MironovL, 1-7Scores in his sixth career game.jeff halpern
1999-10-08Alexei Tezikov@BUFBondra, MinonovW, 3-2Scores only NHL goal with the Caps.
1999-04-07Benoit GrattonSTLReekie, HalversonL, 2-4Scores in 17th career game.
1998-10-18Matt Herr@TBLMillerW, 4-1Scores in fourth career game and adds an assist.
1997-10-11Jan BulisNYICote, ZednikW, 3-1Scores in his 6th career game.
1997-02-01Anson Carter@FLAUnassistedW, 3-1Scores in 13th career game.
1996-12-13Jaroslav Svejkovsky@ANASimon, JuneauL, 4-5Scores in second career game and adds an assist.
1996-10-05Richard ZednikCHIUnassistedL, 2-5Scores in second career game.
1996-04-10Steve Poapst*@NYRHunterW, 4-1Scores in his first game.
1996-02-29Andrew Brunette@FLACote, PivonkaT, 2-2Scores in fourth career game.
1995-10-26Brendan Witt@BOSJuneau, JonesW, 4-2Scores in eighth career game and also has an assist.
1995-10-17Stefan Ustorf@DALPeakeW, 4-3Scores in fourth career game.
1995-04-21Sergei GoncharHFDJuneau, KonowalchukW, 6-3Scores in his 27th career game.
1995-04-04Ken Klee@NYIPearson, JohanssonW, 5-4Scores in 11th career game.
1995-04-02Jeff NelsonBOSKleeW, 2-1Scores in ninth career game.
1995-03-31Martin GendronQUEPearson, CoteW, 6-4Scores in third career game.
1995-03-12Kevin KaminskiTBLBerube, PearsonW, 3-1Scores all 3 career goals with the Caps.
1995-01-27Jason AllisonNYIJuneau, CoteW, 5-2Scores in third career game.
1994-04-12Todd NelsonWINKonowalchuk, JohanssonW, 4-3Scored one goal in two games with the Caps.
1993-12-30Enrico CicconeANAPoulinW, 3-0Scores in 25th game with the Caps.
1993-12-21John Slaney@PHIUnassistedW, 4-1Scores in fifth career game.
1993-11-18Pat Peake@PITRidley, MillerL, 2-3Scores in 12th career game.
1993-10-08Jason WoolleyNJDBondra, MayL, 3-6Scores in 28th career game.
1992-11-18Reggie SavageMNSUnassistedL, 4-5Scores in fifth career game and adds an assist.
1992-11-03Keith JonesCHIKrygierW, 4-1Scores in his third career game and has two assists.
1992-10-31Steve Konowalchuk@EDMJohanssonL, 2-4Scores in his third career game.
1991-03-30Jeff GreenlawNJDSabourin, BerglandW, 4-0Scores in 31st career game.
1990-12-28Dmitri KhristichNYRCiccarelli, RidleyL, 3-5Scores in his fifth career game.
1990-11-14Mikhail Tatarinov@TORHatcherL, 3-5Scores in 11th career game and the two following games.
1990-11-03John Purves@NYITippett, HunterW, 5-2Scores once in 7 career games
1990-10-17Peter Bondra@NJDUnassistedL, 3-2Scores in fifth career game.
1990-02-11Tim BerglandMNSCiccarelli, MayW, 5-3Scores in 11th career game.
1990-01-31Kent Paynter@MNSMillerW, 4-3Scores only NHL goal with the Caps.
1989-12-15Rob MurrayNYIKypreos, MayL, 3-5Scores in 26th career game.
1989-11-29Nick Kypreos@DETWickenheiser, MayW, 5-3Scores in 15th career game.
1989-10-21Chris Felix@TORCiccarelli, StevensL, 4-8Scores in 25th career game.
1989-10-16Brian Tutt@MTLRouse, HunterW, 4-3Scores once in 7 career games.
1989-10-07Robin BawaCHIRouse, HatcherL, 2-3Scores in second career game.
1989-02-15Jim Thomson@CHIStevens, RidleyL, 4-7Scores in 20th career game.
1988-11-29John DruceSTLCourtnall, StevensW, 4-3Scores in tenth career game.
1988-01-23Bill HoulderBUFChristian, GustafssonT, 3-3Scores in 24th career game.
1987-10-11Paul Cavallini@BUFUnassistedL, 5-6Scores in ninth career game.
1987-03-13Ed KastelicTORHatcher, JensenW, 10-2Scores in 31st career game.
1986-10-13Michal Pivonka@NYRGartner, SmithW, 7-6Had a goal and an assist in his third career game. Yvon Corriveau also gets first goal.
1986-10-13Yvon Corriveau@NYRMurphy, ChristianW, 7-6Scores in fourth career game. Michal Pivonka also gets first goal.
1986-03-29Steve Leach@HFDFranceschetti, StevensT, 6-6Scores in his seventh career game.
1985-11-15David JensenVANGustafssonW, 5-3Scores in first game as a Cap.
1985-04-07Kevin HatcherPITGould, ChristianW, 7-3Scores a goal in his second career game.
1984-12-01Dean Evason@BOSVeitch, AdamsW, 5-4Scores in sixth career game.
1984-10-14Jim McGeough@CHIJarvis, LaughlinW, 5-3Scores in seventh career game.
1984-10-13Andre HidiPHIGustafsson, LangwayL, 2-4Scores two goals in seven career NHL games.
1984-03-21Gary SampsonMNSUnassistedW, 5-1Scores in tenth career game.
1984-03-01Peter AnderssonPITCarpenter, StevensW, 9-1Scores twice in 32nd career game.
1984-01-11Bryan Erickson@LAKStevens, CarpenterW, 4-2Scores in ninth career game.
1982-10-06Scott Stevens*@NYRLaughlin, ValentineW, 5-4Scores in his first career game. | Story
1982-10-06Milan Novy*@NYRGartner, CarpenterW, 5-4Scores a goal and has two assists in first game.
1982-01-03Tony Cassolato@NYRFranceschetti, VeitchW, 4-3Scores only career goal with the Caps.
1981-12-20Lou Franceschetti@NYRGartnerW, 3-2Scores in fifth career game.
1981-12-14Mike Siltala*@MTLMacKinnon, GustafssonL, 3-6Scores only NHL goal in first career game.
1981-12-02Torrie RobertsonCGYTheberge, GartnerW, 9-3Scores twice in sixth career game.
1981-11-22Chris Valentine*@PHITookey, DuchesneW, 3-2Scores in first career game.
1981-11-14Timo Blomqvist@HFDWalterW, 4-0Scores in ninth career game.
1981-10-31Todd Bidner@CLRMaruk, WalkerL, 4-6Scores two goals in 12 career games.
1981-10-10Roland StoltzDETMacKinnon, GustafssonW, 6-3Scores in second game with the Caps.
1981-10-10Gaetan DuchesneDETPronovost, MurrayW, 6-3Scores in second career game.
1981-10-07Bobby Carpenter*@BUFWalter, GartnerL, 3-5Had a goal and an assist in his first career game. | Story
1981-01-04Archie HendersonPHIJarvisL, 1-8Scores in seventh career game.
1980-12-27Jim McTaggart@MTLJarvis, WalterL, 4-7Played 71 career games, all with the Caps.
1980-12-26Howard WalkerNYRTookey, VeitchW, 7-3Scores both of his career goals with the Caps.
1980-12-20Tim TookeyPHIGartner, GustafssonL, 2-5Scores in second career game.
1980-12-12Greg ThebergePITUnassistedL, 2-6Scores in 13th career game.
1980-11-20Darren VeitchCGYMaruk, GartnerW, 4-2Scores in 19th career game.
1980-02-02Tim CoulisNYRPicardL, 3-6Scores in 12th career game.
1980-02-01Glen Currie@AFMMulvey, CoulisL, 2-4Scores in second career game.
1979-12-04Brent TremblayHFDWalterT, 3-3Scores once in 10 career games.
1979-11-18Wes JarvisAFMLane, GartnerL, 2-4Scores in second career game.
1979-10-24Antero Lehtonen@LAKRowe, PicardL, 3-5Scores in second game with the Caps.
1979-10-16Mike GartnerLAKSvensson, CharronW, 8-6Scores in fourth career game. Bengt Gustafsson also gets first career goal. | Story
1979-10-16Bengt GustafssonLAKSerois, EdbergW, 8-6Scores two goals and had an assist in his fourth career game. Mike Gartner also gets first career goal.
1979-10-13Errol RausseBOSCharronL, 2-5Scores in second career game.
1979-01-12Gary RisslingCLRMaruk, RoweW, 8-1Scores in sixth career game. | Story
1978-11-14Leif SvenssonAFMCharron, LaneW, 8-7Scores in 16th career game and also has an assist.
1978-11-01Rolf EdbergPITWatson, SvenssonW, 6-4Scores in sixth career game and also has two assists.
1978-10-28Ryan Walter@LAKGirardL, 1-5Scores in his second career game, and the two games after that.
1978-10-14Greg CarrollAFMSiroisL, 3-6Scores in third career game.
1978-10-13Paul Mulvey@AFMEdberg, SeroisT, 3-3Scores in second career game.
1977-12-28Larry Bolonchuk@PITCharron, PateyT, 2-2Scores in 28th game with the Caps.
1977-12-07Robert Picard@CLECharron, GodinW, 5-3Scores in 23rd career game.
1977-12-04Eddy GodinPITUnassistedL, 2-4Played in 27 career games, all with the Caps.
1977-11-15Mark Lofthouse@STLMeehan, ForbesT, 2-2Scores in third career game.
1977-11-02Nelson Burton*CHIGreen, CollinsT, 2-2Scores only NHL goal in first career game.
1977-01-04Bill RileyDETMeehanT, 2-2Scores in fourth career game.
1976-12-05Tom Rowe*@BOSCharron, BaileyT, 5-5Scores in first career game.
1976-11-21Rick GreenCLRWhiteW, 3-1Scores in 18th career game and also adds an assist.
1976-11-09Doug PateyVANBragnalo, BennettW, 4-2Played 45 career games, all with the Caps.
1976-03-16Rick BragnaloNYRSirois, WhiteW, 5-2Scores in ninth career game and also has an assist.
1975-12-12Gord LaneDETMarson, GrypL, 3-5Scores in third game with the Caps. He also got into a fight.
1975-12-03John PaddockBUFStewart, ParadiseT, 4-4Scores in third game with the Caps.
1975-10-17Hartland Monahan@CGSClement, WhiteT, 3-3Scores in sixth game with the Caps.
1975-10-09Peter Scamurra@PHIWilliamsL, 4-5Scores in second game with the Caps.
1975-10-07Tony WhitePITGilbertsonL, 2-4Scores in sixth game with the Caps.
1975-03-18Blair StewartPHILabre, AndersonL, 2-7Scores in second game with the Caps.
1975-03-07Ron Jones@MTLPyatt, MarsonL, 4-8Scores once in 54 career NHL games.
1975-03-01Nelson Pyatt@TORUnassistedL, 4-5Scores in tenth game with the Caps, as Larry Fullan also scores his first.
1975-03-01Larry Fullan@TORLynch, LesukL, 4-5Scores once in 4 career NHL games. Nelson Pyatt also scores his first.
1974-12-05Paul Nicholson@BUFCowickL, 2-9Scores twice in fifth game with the Caps.
1974-11-27Willie Brossart@MNSUnassistedL, 4-6Scores the only goal of his career with the Caps.
1974-11-19Mike MarsonCGSLaframboise, MorrisonW, 6-4Scores twice in his 16th career game. First black player to score for Caps. Also, Bruce Cowick scores his first.
1974-11-19Bruce CowickCGSBloom, GrypW, 6-4Scores in his 15th career game. Also, Mike Marson scores his first.
1974-11-07Bob Gryp@BOSUnassistedL, 4-10Scores in his fourth career game.
1974-11-03Greg JolyKCSLabre, HrycuikL, 4-5Scores in 11th game with the Caps.
1974-10-27Gord SmithTORWilliams, MohnsL, 3-4Scores in ninth career game.
1974-10-19Mike Bloom@DETLabreL, 4-6Scores in fifth game with the Caps.
1974-10-09Jim Hrycuik*@NYRUnassistedL, 3-6Scores the first goal in Caps history in his first NHL game.
1974-10-09Ron Anderson*@NYRDupere, JolyL, 3-6Scores the second goal in Caps history in his first NHL game.

*Scores in first career game

Dates when two players scored: (1974-10-09, 1974-11-19, 1975-03-01, 1979-10-16, 1981-10-10, 1982-10-06, 1986-10-13, 2005-10-10, 2018-12-29)