Washington Capitals Goal and Point Streak Records

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Here is a list of every Washington Capitals regular season point streak, capped off at 10, and goal streak, capped off at 5. Point totals are tie-breakers. More info is on the NHL’s site. Corrections? Clarifications? E-mail us.

Consecutive Games With a Point

1Mike Gartner1984-8510/13/198411/21/1984171216286-7-4Gartner matches his original 17-game point streak but with 4 extra points.
2Mike Gartner1980-812/26/19814/2/198117177246-9-2Gartner set the Caps' record in 1981, a record that stands nearly 40 years later..
3Robert Lang2003-0410/31/200312/2/2003161114257-8-1Lang was having a great season but the team wasn't, and they traded him despite being the top scorer in the league at the time.
4Geoff Courtnall1988-8910/29/198811/30/1988151211239-5-1Courtnall has the longest streak in which the Caps also had a winning record.
5Alex Ovechkin2018-1911/16/201812/15/2018141762312-2-0Ovechkin won the NHL's 1st star of the week for the week of Dec. 16 2018.
6Alex Ovechkin2006-071/1/20072/1/200713812205-8-0Oddly, two of Ovi's streaks where he had more assists than goals came when the team was struggling.
7Mike Ridley1990-911/25/19912/24/199113612186-5-2Ridley had 547 points in 588 games with D.C.
8Dennis Maruk1980-813/4/19813/27/198112813215-5-2Maruk had 50 goals and 47 assists in 1980-81.
9Mike Gartner1987-882/11/19883/6/1988121192011-1-0Gartner's third-best streak came during an 11-1 run by the Caps.
10Jaromir Jagr2003-0411/8/200312/2/200312614205-6-1Jagr was traded 46 games into the 2003-04 season.
11Bengt Gustafsson1985-8611/1/198511/27/198512214169-2-1Gustafsson only had two-goals during his 12-game point streak.
12Peter Bondra*1997-9811/8/199711/29/199711126185-4-2Bondra's streak was actually 15 games but he missed three after his 11th game.
13Dave Christian1984-8512/27/19841/19/198511512179-2-0Christian played half of his 15-year NHL careed in D.C.
14Alex Ovechkin**2005-063/18/20064/7/200611512173-3-5Ovechkin set the Caps' rookie mark for consecutive games with a point.
15Dale Hunter1992-9312/29/19921/26/199311412166-4-1Hunter's streak came during one of his best regular season in D.C., when he had 79 points.
16Adam Oates2000-012/1/20012/27/200111313169-1-1Oates' numbers helped the Caps to a 9-1-1 record.
17Adam Oates***2001-022/6/20023/10/200211313167-2-2This streak doubles as the Caps' all-time high for consecutive games with an assist.
18Dennis Maruk1981-822/6/19822/27/198210159246-3-1Maruk avered 2.4 points a game in his 10-game streak.
19Alex Ovechkin2008-0911/10/200811/28/2008101111226-3-1Ovechkin won the NHL's 1st star of Month for Nov., and second star of week behind Backstrom on Nov. 16.
20Al Iafrate****1992-9311/25/199212/12/199210814229-1-0With 22 points in ten games, Iafrate set the Caps' defensive record for consecutive games.
21Michael Nylander2002-0311/19/200212/7/200210713204-6-0Nylander averaged two points a game during his streak.
22Alan Haworth1985-8610/25/198511/15/198510118197-2-1Haworth had two separate 10-game point streak with the Caps.
23Robert Picard1978-7912/17/19781/9/197910712193-4-3Picard is the only other Caps defenseman on this list but had three fewer points than Iafrate.
24Mike Gartner1983-841/25/19842/16/198410810189-0-1Gartner led the Caps to a 9-0-1 stretch with 18 points.
25Dennis Maruk1980-8110/25/198011/15/19801098172-2-6Maruk also had a 12-game point streak in 1980-81.
26Alan Haworth1982-831/18/19832/5/19831098178-1-1Haworth had two separate 10-game point streak with the Caps.
27Alexander Semin2009-101/15/20102/2/2010106111710-0-0Semin has the only 10-game Caps point streak during an undefeated stretch of games.
28Nicklas Backstrom2016-171/5/20171/23/201710413179-0-1Ovechkin earned the NHL's 1st star of the week for the week of Jan. 15 2017.
29Alex Ovechkin2008-091/27/20092/18/200910115167-1-2Ovechkin had his second ten-game point streak of the 2008-09 season.
30Ryan Walter1981-8211/25/198112/14/19811088164-5-1Walter's streak also contained a 6-game goal-scoring streak.
31Mike Gartner1988-8912/21/19881/10/198910105156-1-3This was Gartner's last long point streak for the Caps.
32Andrew Brunette1997-981/13/19982/7/199810510155-2-3Brunette only played 28 games in his final season in D.C. before being selected by Nashville in the expansion draft.
33Peter Bondra1996-9712/23/19961/13/199710122145-2-3Bondra only had two assists in his ten-game point streak.
34Nicklas Backstrom2008-092/11/20093/1/20091049136-3-1Backstrom's 1st ten-game streak came in his sophomore season.

*Peter Bondra had points in 15 straight games but missed three after his 11th game.

**Alex Ovechkin’s 11-game point streak in 2005-06 is a Caps’ record for rookies.

***Adam Oates’ point streak here is also the Caps’ record for consecutive games with an assist.

****Al Iafrate set the Caps’ defensive record for consecutive games with a point, with 22 in ten games.

Consecutive Games With a Goal

1Mike Gartner1986-8701/17/198702/01/19879123156-2-1Gartner's team goal streak record came in a different season than his point streak records.
2Alan Haworth1985-8610/25/198511/12/19859117186-2-1Haworth's goal streak ended but his point streak continued one more game.
3Dennis Maruk1981-8202/06/198202/21/19828153184-3-1Maruk averaged nearly 2 goals a game during his streak.
4Mike Green*2008-0901/27/200902/14/20098107175-1-2Green set the NHL record for a defenseman with goals in 8 straight games.
5Mike Gartner1979-8003/02/198003/18/19808114156-1-1Gartner's first major goal streak came in his second season.
6Mike Gartner1986-8702/18/198703/03/19877124166-1-0This is Gartner's second-longest streak from the 1986-87 season.
7Alan Haworth1982-8301/19/198302/01/1983785135-1-1Despite the goal streak, Haworth only scored 23 goals in the 1982-83 season.
8Alex Ovechkin**2005-0602/10/200603/08/2006785133-3-1Ovechkin set the team's rookie record with this goal streak.
9Mike Gartner1980-8102/26/198103/11/1981792113-4-0Gartner had 6 or more games with goals in four consecutive seasons.
10Peter Bondra1994-9503/18/199503/31/19957100105-1-1Bondra led the league in goals in the 1994-95 season.
11Dmitri Khristich1992-9302/02/199302/20/1993685135-1-0Khristich also had a hat trick during his streak.
12Mike Gartner1983-8402/03/198402/16/1984685136-0-0Streak came in the middle of a 10-game winning streak.
13Alex Ovechkin2005-0612/22/200501/01/2006666123-2-1Ovechkin's second-longest goal streak during his rookie year.
14Alex Ovechkin2018-1912/04/201812/15/20186101115-1-0Streak included two hat tricks.
15Alex Ovechkin2007-0801/13/200801/23/2008674114-2-0Ovechkin's streak came as the Caps were on their way to making the playoffs for the first time since he was drafted.
16Ryan Walter1981-8212/02/198112/12/1981674113-3-0Walter's goal streak was part of a 10-game points streak.
17Mike Gartner1981-8212/23/198101/03/1982673102-3-1With the Caps, Gartner had 6 streaks of 6 games or more with a goal.
18Alexander Semin2008-0902/26/200903/08/2009664102-3-1Semin had his higest points-per-game average in 2008-09.
19Peter Bondra1996-9712/23/199601/03/199768193-2-1This was Bondra's second-longest streak of his career.
20Tom Wilson2018-1911/21/201812/02/201867295-1-0Wilson had 14 points in his first 10 games of the 2018-19 season.
21Andrew Brunette1997-9812/29/199701/09/199866175-1-0Brunette only played 28 games in his final season in D.C. before being selected by Nashville in the expansion draft.
22Dmitri Khristich1991-9211/08/199111/20/199166064-2-0Khristich had a career-high 36 goals in 1991-92.
23Alex Ovechkin2012-133/17/201303/24/201356394-1-0
24Peter Bondra1997-9811/9/199711/18/199757293-1-1
25Mike Gartner1987-882/12/198802/20/198857295-0-0
26Dave Christian1985-8610/29/198511/06/198555494-1-0
27Dave Christian1984-8511/25/198412/02/198455495-0-0
28Bobby Carpenter1983-842/28/198403/07/198456395-0-0
29Ryan Walter1978-791/11/197901/19/197957293-2-0
30Alex Ovechkin2014-1512/29/201401/08/201555383-0-2
31Alex Ovechkin2011-123/18/201203/25/201257182-1-2
32Peter Bondra1997-981/21/199801/31/199856283-0-2
33Dino Ciccarelli1990-9112/7/199012/17/199055382-3-0
34Geoff Courtnall1988-8911/4/198811/15/198856283-2-0
35Mike Gartner1980-813/22/198103/29/198157182-2-1
36Bob Kelly1980-8111/22/198012/03/198057182-0-3
37Alex Ovechkin2018-192/14/201902/23/201956173-2-0
38Bobby Carpenter1984-8511/13/198411/21/198456174-1-0
39Tom Rowe1978-792/21/197903/02/197956171-3-1
40Andre Burakovsky2015-161/19/201602/06/201656063-1-1Burakovsky's best streak came in his second season.
41Alexander Semin2007-082/15/200802/24/200855161-2-2
42Keith Jones1994-952/28/199503/07/199556064-0-1
43Dave Christian1985-863/17/198603/25/198656064-1-0
44Bobby Carpenter1984-8512/2/198412/11/198456063-1-1
45Dino Ciccarelli1988-893/24/198904/01/198955053-0-2
46Alex Ovechkin2009-101/31/201002/07/2010584125-0-0Ovechkin's streak came at the tail end of a 14-game winning streak.
47Alex Ovechkin2005-061/10/200601/19/2006583113-1-1
48Bengt Gustafsson1981-823/10/198203/20/1982565111-2-2
49Alexander Semin2006-071/4/200701/13/2007582103-2-0
50Mike Ridley1986-872/20/198703/01/1987564105-0-0
51Dennis Maruk1980-811/24/198102/01/1981573103-1-1
52Alex Ovechkin2008-0911/10/200811/19/2008568144-0-1
53Alex Ovechkin2020-213/11/20213/19/202156175-0-0Streak came at the tail end of a 7-game winning streak.

*Mike Green set the NHL record for a defenseman with goals in 8 straight games.

**Alex Ovechkin’s goal streak in 2005-06 is a Caps’ record for rookies.

Streaks From Start of Season

Goal streak to start season – 4:

  • Alex Ovechkin (10/01/2013 to 10/10/2013)
  • Mike Gartner (10/08/1987 to 10/16/1987)
  • Dennis Maruk (10/11/1979 to 10/16/1979)

Each scored goals in four straight games.

Goal streak to start season (defense) – 3:

  • Calle Johansson scored in three straight to start a season, one of only six defensemen in history to do that. (10/07/1992 to 10/10/1992)

Assist streak to start season – 4:

  • Dave Christian (1983-84)
  • Dale Hunter (1996-97)
  • Brooks Laich (2009-10)
  • Ryan Walter (1981-82)

Each had assists in four straight games.

Rookie goal streak to start season – 3:

  • Richard Zednik is only one of 13 rookies to score goals in his first three games of the season. (10/01/1997-10/04/1997)

Point streak to start career (8):

  • Alex Ovechkin scored a point in eight straight games to start his career

(There are some categories missing here but the totals are not noteable and are shared by many players.)