• Getting to Know Snively

    A native of Herndon, Virginia, the chance to sign with the team he grew up watching and supporting was a dream come true for 23-year old Joe Snively.

  • Ovi's Fights

    Alex Ovechkin has fought four times in his career but his pounding of 19-year-old Andrei Svechnikov was his best one.


    The Capitals have the DNA to win multiple championships and can't let any more playoff series in the coming years end in early-round heartbreak.

  • Orlov, The Unlikely Ironman

    Four summers ago, Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov was the arguably the team’s biggest question mark. Now, he’s arguably their best guarantee.

  • Ovi's Numbers This Year

    With 89 points this season - his best in nine seasons - Alex Ovechkin met or exceeded most of our predictions for him this year.