Washington Capitals Gordie Howe Hat Tricks

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A Gordie Howe hat trick is when a hockey player gets at least one goal, one assist, and one fight in a single game. It used to be more common, especially on the Capitals, but now it’s extremely rare.

Here are the Caps’ regular season and post-season Gordie Howe hat tricks, plus a list of the Caps’ all-time leaders. Click on the opposing player’s name for a link to hockeyfights.com, which will contain the video if available.

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Regular Season

2018-12-29Tyler LewingtonW, 3-2@OTTZack SmithIn 2nd game, Lewington gets 1st assist, 1st goal, and 1st fight, only time that's happened in NHL history.1125
2011-12-07Troy BrouwerW, 5-3@OTTJesse WinchesterBrouwer also scored the GWG.1125
2010-02-07Mike KnubleW, 5-4PITCraig AdamsCaps come back from 4-1 deficit, Knuble scores OT winner.11217
2010-01-13Jason ChimeraW, 5-4@FLAGregory CampbellCaps rally from 4-1 deficit to win.1125
2006-02-03Ben ClymerW, 4-1TORAndy WozniewskiAfter 2nd period fight, Clymer gets both points in third period.1125
2001-02-07Jeff HalpernW, 3-1@COLDan HinoteHalpern gets goal, assist and fight in the third period.1127
1996-03-26Steve KonowalchukW, 7-1@NYIDan PlanteCaps win in a blowout, 7-1.1125
1991-03-10Dmitri Khristich (R)W, 5-3@EDMAdam GravesThis was the first of 2 career NHL fights for Khristich.1125
1991-02-10Kevin HatcherW, 5-2PHITerry CarknerHatcher gets his third GH3.1235
1990-10-23Kevin HatcherW, 6-2PHIScott MellanbyHatcher gets his second GH3.2137
1989-11-29Alan May (R)W, 5-3@DETJohn MokosakMay assisted on Nick Kypreos's first career goal.11211
1989-01-07Kevin HatcherW, 6-3CHIDavid MackeyHatcher gets his first GH3.1235
1988-02-12Scott StevensW, 6-2NYIRichard KrommStevens gets his second GH3.1125
1987-01-20Lou FranceschettiW, 6-3NJDJan LudvigFranceschetti scored the first goal of the game.1125
1986-10-18Scott StevensL, 4-2BUFMike HartmanStevens gets his first GH3.1129
1985-01-17Mike GartnerW, 6-2PITMitch LamoureuxGartner gets his third GH3.1127
1984-03-24Alan HaworthW, 6-0PITTim HrynewichThe GH3 came in the first period, then got a second fighting major.11210
1983-03-05Dennis MarukW, 4-3PHIGlen CochraneMaruk gets his team-record 4th GH3.1127
1983-01-26Bobby CarpenterW, 6-2@PITRod BuskasThis was Carpenter's only fight of the season.1125
1982-03-13Bengt GustafssonW, 6-3PHIKen LinsemanGustafsson gets his second GH3.1235
1982-02-06Mike GartnerW, 6-4@PITGreg MaloneGartner gets his second GH3.1129
1981-12-05Dennis MarukL, 9-4@TORJohn GibsonTeammates Walter and Valentine also get GH3.12317
1981-12-05Ryan WalterL, 9-4@TORTerry MartinTeammates Valentine and Maruk also get GH3.11217
1981-12-05Chris Valentine (R)L, 9-4@TORJohn GibsonTeammates Walter and Maruk also get GH3.22419
1981-03-29Ryan WalterL, 5-4NYIBob NystromWalter gets his second of three GH3.1127
1981-02-28Darren Veitch (R)L, 7-4@STLBrian SutterVeitch was a rookie when this happened.1125
1980-12-21Dennis MarukW, 6-0@PHIFrank BatheTeammate Pronovost also gets a GH3.11225
1980-12-21Jean PronovostW, 6-0@PHIBill BarberTeammate Maruk also gets a GH3.21325
1980-12-07Bob KellyL, 7-3@BOSAl SecordKelly got into 10 fights in the first three months of the season.1125
1980-10-19Ryan WalterL, 8-4@CHIDave HutchisonWalter gets his first GH3.2135
1980-03-12Bengt Gustafsson (R)W, 6-4BOSStan JonathanThis was the first of 3 NHL fights for Gustafsson, who was a rookie.1127
1980-03-08Robert PicardW, 9-5HFDTom RowePicard has five points and is also -2.1459
1980-02-08Paul MulveyW, 6-3@WINJimmy MannMulvey fought 15 times this season.1125
1980-01-15Mike GartnerL, 7-4@PHIAndre DupontGartner gets his first GH3.1125
1979-12-01Tom RoweW, 7-2QUERich LeducRowe gets his third GH3.1125
1979-01-30Blair StewartL, 7-4@DETJean HamelStewart gets the fifth Caps' GH3 of the 78/79 season.1127
1979-01-24Tom RoweW, 5-1NYRMario MaroisRowe gets his second GH3 of the season.1127
1978-12-17Dennis MarukW, 7-6TORPat BoutetteMaruk gets his first GH3.2247
1978-12-05Bob GirardW, 4-1@CLRBarry BeckThis was Girard's last career fight.1127
1978-11-01Tom RoweW, 6-4PITColin CampbellRower gets his first GH3.1127
1978-02-28Bill RileyW, 7-4CLRJoe ContiniRiley assisted on a goal by Garnet "Ace" Bailey.2137
1977-01-23Bill Riley (R)W, 6-3STLBob GassoffRiley was a rookie when this happened.1125
1975-02-21Bill LesukL, 4-9BUFLee FogolinLesuk records the first GH3 in Caps' history.1129


2008-04-15Mike GreenL, 6-3@PHIScottie UpshallThis was Green's first career NHL fight.1127
1992-04-21Michal PivonkaW, 6-2PITGordie RobertsThe Caps won this game but lost the series in 7.1237
1991-04-19Dale HunterL, 7-6@PITBryan TrottierThe Caps fell in OT.1235
1990-04-21Dale HunterW, 6-3@NYRNormand RochefortSomehow, Hunter never got a regular-season GH3 with the Caps.1127

Caps Regular Season Leaders

Dennis Maruk4
Mike Gartner3
Kevin Hatcher3
Tom Rowe3
Ryan Walter3
Bill Riley2
Bengt Gustafsson2
Scott Stevens2