Trevor Gillies South Carolina Stingrays Bobblearm

Posted October 1, 2016


The South Carolina Stingrays recently released some key promotional dates and ticket plans, one of those games including a bobblearm of long time hockey player Trevor Gillies. The bobblearm night will take place on New Years Eve when the Stingrays take on the Florida Everblades

Gillies has never been known to carry much offensive ability but established himself as a heavy-hitting fighter regardless of what league he finds himself in. According to, Gillies has more than 200 professional fights from 2002 to 2016 in addition to 48 in the OHL.

Given his history, it’s fitting that his arm will be the bobbling feature as opposed to his head as his opponents were generally the ones left with their heads shaking. This is an interesting twist on a bobblehead that isn’t frequently seen. One example can be found in 2008 when the Bridgeport Bluefish of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball handed out a bobblearm of famous New York Yankees pitcher, Tommy John.



Gillies, however, has seen another bobbling figure of himself before, this one straying the path of the traditional bobblehead as well with bobblefists. This previous bobblefist was handed out in the 2008-09 AHL season by the Portland Pirates.


(Photo: Philip Darling)

This will be the first bobblearm handed out by a hockey team, if our records are correct, which may sadly be one of the last with fighting quickly phasing out of leagues everywhere. So don’t miss your chance to get this one of a kind bobble just before the turn of the New Year!

Bonus: Here is a photo of Gillies fighting ex-Cap Michael Latta in what looks like a preseason game.