A Collector’s Review of the Troy Brouwer Bobblehead

Posted November 6, 2013

Fans received a Troy Brouwer “Movember” bobblehead at the Verizon Center on Tuesday. Here’s the Capitals Outsider review.

Standing at attention (as do a majority of recent Caps bobbles), Troy sports the usual home jersey with the Caps logos glued (or stickered) onto his chest and shoulders. His name and number, slightly raised from his back, are hand-painted. His skates, socks, and pants are very nicely detailed and neatly painted, even showing the laces on his skates. He stands on a square white base with his name written across the bottom and Capital One Bank above it. As for the head, the Capitals logo is glued (or stickered) onto what is a very shiny helmet, along with the number 20 on front. The helmet, unfortunately, may be where the bobblehead loses its detail, as it is much smaller and closer to his head than past bobbleheads. Also, you can see his hair through any holes or openings in the helmet, and a bit sticks out the back as well. His face resembles Troy, to an extent, along with a little stubble and the centerpiece of it all, his Movember mustache. What is unique about this mustache though is that it actually feels like a one. It’s a piece of some type of felt or cloth material and it is glued right onto Troy’s face.

Overall, this was a very nice bobblehead. However, it’s not perfect. To me, the big downfall had to be the helmet and also the stick is made out of a very frail plastic. Nonetheless, this is a very unique bobblehead and would make a great addition to any collection. As for eBay, the highest a Troy Brouwer bobblehead is currently going for is $42.38 with five bids and a few hours left.

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Scandinavian Heritage night is this Thursday at the Verizon Center and if you buy tickets here you get a free Backstrom Bobblehead.

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