Philipp Grubauer Bobblehead Review

Posted February 3, 2014

The first weekend of the New Year was a very busy one for the Hershey Bears, as they hosted two promotional nights in as many games. The first night started off the weekend right with yet another bobblehead. This time Bears goaltender Philipp Grubauer would be immortalized in what could very well be the best Caps-related bobbleheads to date. The bobblehead came no more than a month after another very special bobblefist of Joel Rechlicz and it too has some very unique features that we will take a close look at.

To start off, this bobblehead already sets itself ahead of the competition as Grubi is in an actual pose, making a glove save unlike all other Caps and Bears bobbleheads. Those are in more of a game time/face-off stance. The only bobbleheads with similarity to Philipp’s are Rudkowsky and Brust bobbleheads given out at past Reading Royals games. Grubi looks to be pushing off with his right pad to make a successful glove save against his opponent with his left pad pointing up. He has his goalie stick covering his five hole. The detail comes as a bonus as it’s the same as the Rechlicz bobble with raised name and numbering. You can also see distinctively the buckles on the backs of his pads and on his skates. His glove and blocker also come with good detail along with the stick itself as it has tape on it that has actual texture to give it a more realistic feel. If you thought that wasn’t enough, then this should push it over the top; Gru’s mask just about makes this bobblehead a must-have for collectors everywhere. Unlike all other recent goalie bobbleheads, the goalie is actually wearing his mask. Although it’s just a generic Hershey Bears brown, it still makes it one above the rest. “Grubi” is written and the cage in front of the mask lifts up in order for you to see Gru’s face.


With cage


Without cage

Although this was the first bobblehead of the year I have a very hard time seeing it outdone by any other bobbleheads to come. This one is really a must-have. The Bears also ran out of them almost 45 minutes before puck drop, and they have been going on eBay as quick as their being listed. This bobblehead is a very good investment for your collection and could very well be the centerpiece.

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