Joel Rechlicz Bobblefist Review

Posted December 24, 2013

Photos by Andy Wallace

This past Saturday, when the Hershey Bears took on the Worchester Sharks, there was a very special promotion going on. Notable tough guy Joel Rechlicz was being honored that game with not a bobblehead but a bobblefist. This very unique item was handed out to the first 5000 fans in attendance. Though Wrecker had his own issues on the ice, this wacky wobbler, made by Bobble Dobbles, did not disappoint.

Let’s start off at the center of it all, the fists. Joel’s hands are each attached by a spring, similar to a door stopper, clenched tightly as if he’s prepared to get in a fight. How well will the hands actually bobble? It’s not like a bobblehead, where you can just pick it up and shake it. It’s, again, more like a spring door stopper where you just pull his fist back and it will violently shake back and forth. So, the hands do bobble, but it just takes a little more effort.

Everything else is very well put together from head to toe. His hair is reminiscent of Mike Green’s fohawk, however a bit more subtle. He’s got a big smile on his face, as do most bobble dolls, and his arms are held up as if he’s ready to square off. The name and numbers are raised almost a half centimeter from his jersey and are painted with a nice glossy finish. All logos are in their proper places and Joel is standing in a fighting stance on a white and black base with UGI Energy sponsor on the base and his name right below it.


Raised name and numbers


Fists attached to arms by spring

After seeing this bobblefist, I am very excited to see what the Bears have in store on January 4th, when goaltender Philipp Grubauer will be honored with his own bobblehead (It’s the date of the Inova Winter Blood Drive, when the Jay Beagle bobblehead is released). Until then, make sure you have this bobblefist in your collection because it’s a must-have simply because of its uniqueness alone.

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