Chimera Bobblehead Released

Posted January 23, 2013

At long last, the Jason Chimera bobblehead has been released, ready for pickup at home games for Caps Kids Club members.

Chimera, however, didn’t exactly strike a pose as he was immortalized as a whacky-wobbler. That is, unless stiff is the new blue steel. He’s standing straight as an arrow, like he’s at a military procession. The facial detail, however, is impeccable, as the sculptor perfectly captured the nitty-gritty elements of his facial hair. The biggest disappointment, however, is that the bobblehead didn’t come with a removable helmet.

Now THAT is a bobblehead.

Now THAT is a bobblehead.

Also available for pickup is the Slapshot toothbrush holder, which the Caps originally asked folks to retrieve during normal business hours at Kettler.


The Chimera bobblehead stands next to the Chimera bobblehead box, the Slapshot toothbrush holder, and the Caps Kids Club pillowcase.

No word on whether Chimera enjoyed this experience – we were too scared to ask. But he’s a family man, so we can only imagine his kids got a kick out of it, even if he didn’t exactly do this during the photo-shoot:

To get yours, sign up for the Caps Kids Club.