Ted Leonsis’s Caps/Wizards Bobblehead

Posted March 4, 2016

Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis tweeted a photo Friday of what looks to be his real head on a desk. But that wasn’t what interested Caps Outsider.

Caps Outsider’s resident bobblehead expert Andy Wallace noticed the double-sided bobblehead sitting on his desk. One side was clearly Caps-themed but we needed to learn more.

Uncle Ted answered.

Yes, indeed, it’s a double-sided Ted Leonsis bobblehead, one side with him in Caps gear, the other in Wizards gear.

Double-sided bobbleheads are relatively unusual but they aren’t unheard of. This is certainly a custom model, so don’t expect to find these on the shelves at Verizon Center’s team store.

But if they were, we’d certainly buy one. Either way, we’re adding this to…

Caps Outsider’s bobblehead database