About that Backstrom Gnome…

Posted February 5, 2013

Backstrom gnomes (photo via the Caps)

The Washington Capitals have plenty of bobbleheads – sometimes multiple for certain players. So it’s no surprise that the Caps decided to go in a different direction when they released the Nicklas Backstrom garden gnome, which they are giving away at the Feb. 5 game against the Maple Leafs.

“It was just to do something different,” said Kim Frank, the Senior Director of Marketing with Monumental Sports & Entertainment.  “I have seen them before. San Francisco Giants have done them. I believe a few baseball teams have done them in the past. Could potentially do them again in the future but nothing definite.”

So when anyone asks what Backstrom and Brian Wilson have in common, you’ll know the answer.

Though generic versions of prideful garden gnomes exist (See the Caps one, below), there aren’t many based on specific players.

Frank says she got the okay from Backstrom to proceed with this project back in September. Backstrom told reporters today, “[The gnome is] gonna be right beside my bed, I think.”

Didn’t get one? Expect to see them on eBay immediately following the game (or even during the game).

Washington Capitals Garden Gnome