The Biggest Alex Ovechkin Bobblehead Yet

Posted June 30, 2014

Check it out, a 36-inch tall bobblehead of Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin. Only 55 were made and given out by the Caps to corporate sponsors. Based on the asking price and rarity of other three-feeters, including Robert Griffin III, the Caps Outsider bobblehead experts estimate this should easily fetch $1000 if it hit the auction block. After all, it’s an ultra rare room-stealing centerpiece with a wobblin’ head. Now, for you collectors out there, this Ovechkin is simply the Holy Grail of Capitals bobbleheads. Aside from prototypes and possible factory mistakes, there aren’t any rarer (or bigger), than this! (except for previous versions)


Even bobbleheads can have missing teeth.


No graying hair!


Limited edition of Double Nickel!


No sponsor on the base, just the Caps!

And while we’re at it, look who else was immortalized as a three-foot tall whacky-wobbler:


Yes, folks, it’s Gilbert Arenas in his Washington Wizards uniform.

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