Joe B. and Locker Bobbleheads?

Posted February 20, 2012

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Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati Are Finally Getting Bobbleheads

Comcast SportsNet’s Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin often joke around while working games, but this blogger’s ears perked up Saturday against Tampa Bay when Laughlin made a wisecrack about how the two broadcasters need to get their own bobbleheads. (Why did my ‘ears perk up’? Cause I’m the only one who writes extensively about this schwag.)

And why not have Joe B. and Locker bobbles? Dale Tallon and Pat Foley from Fox 5 Chicago had a duel set made, given out to Blackhawks fans in 2003. Budd Lynch, Detroit’s P.A. announcer, has one (hear that, Wes Johnson?). There’s Harry Carey from the Chicago Cubs. Even ESPN guys, Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbsteit and Lee Corsco.

Players and coaches come and go, but Beninati and Laughlin have been announcing Caps games together since 1994. Far more folks watch them on television each game than can even fit in Verizon Center. Unlike our Chris Simon and Jaromir Jagr bobbleheads, these announcers and their noggins will be wobblin’ on our mantles years from now.

(We expect each to also have a button that makes them shout catch-phrases, like ‘Simply sensational!’ and a variety of Laughlinisms.)

To CSN Washington, and our friends at the Washington Capitals: Lets get us some Joe B. and Locker bobbles, maybe for their 20th anniversary together, which is coming up soon.

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Editors’ note: Though the author writes about Capitals bobbleheads, he doesn’t own, nor does he want any.