Washington Capitals Bobbleheads

capitals bobbleheadsThis information comes from Capitals Outsider’s independent research. It is by no means an official list, but the most accurate information we can find. It can and will change as more information comes to us. Please e-mail capitalsoutsider@gmail.com for questions or suggestions about the information. Note that the value of these items varies based on eBay auctions.

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No. made
Nicklas Backstrom2014, MarchInova Blood DriveCaps
Philipp Grubauer (link)2014, Jan. 3Game5000Bears
Jay Beagle (link)2014, Jan 4Inova Blood DriveCaps
Joel Ward (announced)2014Inova Blood DriveCaps
Mike Green (away jersey) (link)2013, Sept.Season Ticket Holders30Caps
Alex Ovechkin (away jersey) (link)2013, Oct.Season Ticket HoldersCaps
Nicklas Backstrom (away jersey) (link)2013, Oct.Season Ticket HoldersCaps
Braden Holtby (link)2013, Nov. 9Inova Blood DriveCaps
Troy Brouwer (link)2013, Nov. 5Game19008Caps
Olaf Kolzig (link)2013, March 23Inova Blood Drive600-90050Caps
Olaf Kolzig (link)2013, Jan. 19Game1000Pirates
Nicklas Backstrom Garden Gnome (link)2013, Feb. 5Game1500020Caps
Joel Rechlicz2013, Dec. 21 Game5000Bears
Yannick Tifu (link)2013, Dec. 7Game2000Royals
Jason Chimera (link)2013Kids Club5000-700050Caps
Karl Alzner (link)2012, March 17Inova Blood Drive600-90050Caps
Matt Hendricks (link)2012, July 28Inova Blood Drive500-80075-100Caps
Olaf Kolzig2012, Jan. 27Game2000Admirals
Coco (Skinny) (link)2012, Dec. 15Game500040Bears
Slapshot2012, Dec. 8Inova Blood Drive600-90050-75Caps
Slapshot (Toothbrush Holder)2012Kids Club5000-700050Caps
Michal Neuvirth (link)2011, Nov. 5Inova Blood Drive600-800100-25Caps
Semyon Varlamov (link)2011, March 26Inova Blood Drive500-70025-50Caps
Keith Aucoin (link)2011, March 24Game500020Bears
Jeff Schultz (link)2011, July 23Inova Blood Drive500-70025-50Caps
STH Bobblehead Set (link)
Nicklas Backstrom
John Carlson
Mike Green
Brooks Laich
Alex Ovechkin
Tomas Vokoun
2011, Feb. 21Season Ticket Holders7000100Caps
Nicklas Backstrom (link)2011, April 2Game1500020-40Caps
Alex Ovechkin (Winter Classic)2011Ticket Package800020-40Caps
Larry Courville2011Sold120620Royals
Brooks Laich2010, Oct. 30Inova Blood Drive1000100Caps
Alexander Semin2010, March 27Inova Blood Drive600-700200Caps
John Carlson2010, July 24Inova Blood Drive600-700100-25Caps
Jon Quick2010, Jan. 31GameRoyals
Slapshot2010Kids Club50-75Caps
Mike Knuble (link)2010Kids Club550050Caps
Mike Green2009, Oct. 3Game1500020-40Caps
Jon Francisco (Mini)2009, March 25Game1500Royals
TJ Kemp (Mini)2009, March 6Game1500Royals
David Masse (Mini)2009, Jan. 17Game1500Royals
Peter Bondra2009, Feb 29Red Cross Blood Drive400-600300Caps
Greg Hogeboom (Mini)2008, Nov. 16Game1500Royals
Bruce Boudreau2008, Nov. 14Game1500020-40Caps
Rod Langway (link)2008, Feb. 9Red Cross Blood Drive600-700250-75Caps
Chris Bala2008, Feb 23Game1500Royals
Alex Ovechkin (Trophies)2008, Dec. 18Game1500020-40Caps
Alex Ovechkin2008, April 5Game1500020-40Caps
Matt Herneisen (Mini)2008, April 4Game5000Royals
Malcom McMillan2007, Jan. 2Game1500Royals
Barry Brust2006, March 4Game200020Royals
Brian McCullough2006, Jan. 20Game2000Royals
Frank Mathers2006, Feb. 8Game15Bears
Cody Rudkowsky2006, Feb. 2Game2000Royals
Reagan Rome2006, April 7Game200020Royals
Coco (Chubby)2005, Feb. 27Game450020Bears
Mike Nykoluk2005, Dec. 17, 2005Game15Bears
Simon Tremblay2005, Dec. 2Game2000Royals
Ryan Flinn2005, April 7GameRoyals
Denis Bonvie2004, Nov. 21Game450015Bears
Brett Clark2004, March 21Game450015Bears
Phil Suave2003, Jan. 21Game1000015Bears
Bruce Richardson2003, Dec. 7Game450015Bears
Peter Bondra2002, Jan. 11GameCaps
Olaf Kolzig2002, Feb. 26GameCaps
Slapshot (Royals mascot)2002Royals websiteRoyals
Jaromir Jagr2002Pacific Trading Cards1000Caps
Jaromir Jagr2001, Nov. 21GameCaps
Chris Simon (link)2001, Nov. 8GameCaps
Olaf Kolzig (Home)2001Forever Collectibles20,03735Caps
Jaromir Jagr2001Upper Deck15Caps
Peter Bondra2001Forever Collectibles20,01225Caps
Jaromir Jagr2001Forever Collectibles20,06815Caps
Chris Simon Headliner1998Corinthian8Caps
Adam Oates Headliner1998Corinthian8Caps
Olaf Kolzig Headliner (Away)1998Corinthian8Caps
Olaf Kolzig Headliner (Home)1998Corinthian8Caps
Generic Cap1989100Caps
Baltimore Clippers1960s160Clippers
Vintage Hershey Bears1960s560Bears
2-Faced Bondra and Jagr (link)Prototypes146Caps

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