The Best of Ovie the Bulldog in D.C.

Posted February 20, 2014

This is a very sad day for Capitals Outsider. Our only non-human writer, Ovie the Bulldog, is moving. While he will continue to write once in a while from his new home in San Diego, he’ll be living there, not here.

Even though this means it’s not truly ‘the end,’ it still deeply saddens us and now we would like to take a trip down memory lane with our best posts about or written by Ovie the Bulldog, and also view some of the best photos with fans and players.

Photos with Players, etc. (click for larger view)

Fan Photos (click for larger view)

ovie the bulldog

Bulldogging the Capitals from INSIDE THE VERIZON CENTER!!

Ovie the Bulldog writes about his adventures inside Verizon Center.
ovie the bulldog

Bulldoggin with Dogs on Deployment at the NBC Health Expo! (And a Caps game too!)

...and the Caps game!

Chasing Ovechkin, the Quest for the Autograph Part II

Does Ovie the Bulldog get Alex Ovechkin's autograph?
ovie the bulldog

Ovie the Bulldog Walks to Support the American Heart Association

The Caps pooch raises more than $1000 for the American Heart Association.

Ovie the Bulldog Is Walking to Fight #1 Killer in the USA

Next Saturday, I will be walking (or riding in my buggy, Formula Ovie) to help fight the #1 killer in the USA. Please help me support the American Heart Association by...

Ovie the Bulldog's Water Bowl Stolen, and Other Verizon Center Adventures

Ovie the Bulldog writes about how his water bowl got stolen, and other things that happen outside Verizon Center.
Martin Erat and family (Ovie the Bulldog)

Chasing Ovechkin, the Quest for the Autograph Part I

Ovie the bulldog writes about his adventures at Kettler.

Home Opener, Bulldog Style

Last night marked my 13th Capitals game in front of the Verizon Center but it was my first home season opener for the Caps.
ovie the bulldog with Alex Ovechkin

Ovie the Bulldog at the Capitals Convention

Guest Blog - Ovie the Bulldog Writes about CapsCon!

Ovie the Bulldog Shines on TV

Caps fans' favorite pavement pup, Ovie the Bulldog, made his television debut Saturday, on 'The Pet Show with Dr. Katy.'

Caps Superfan Ovie The Bulldog Takes WJLA TV Studios By Storm

Caps superfan Ovie the Bulldog will be on the Pet Show with Dr. Katy on Saturday, August 24th.
ovie the bulldog

Ovie the Bulldog Ejected From Fan Fest

Despite getting the boot, Ovie the Bulldog was a big hit and had an enjoyable day at Fan Fest.

Catching Up With Ovie the Bulldog

Here's what the three-year-old English bulldog has been doing in the offseason.