Ovie the Bulldog Walks to Support the American Heart Association

Posted November 12, 2013

I’m a bulldog, life for me is simple….eat, sleep, & watch Caps hockey, rinse & repeat. I also try and support as many charities as doggedly possible. Several Canine rescues, Autism events, and most recently the American Heart Association.

If you do not follow me on Twitter, I was tweeting at a frequency reserved only for Political Ads asking for support in my effort to help fight the Number 1 killer in the USA, heart disease. VOTE MCAULIFFE, CUCHINELLI, GIVE ME MONEY FOR THE HEART WALK! I was walking for the health of the humans, who would give me cookies without humans?

Bar Set, reaching the goal!

I’d set the bar high, $1,000 for the American Heart Association and the unenviable task of asking for donations…repeatedly.

I hate asking for anything other than cookies and butt scratches, but this is important! So, multiple times a day I would tweet to ask for others to generously donate.

The response was AWESOME! Twitter & Facebook followers took the puck top-shelf and knocked the water bottle off! Thank you slobber-and-twitter-Thank-yous were handed out after every generous donation. Truly humbling when someone donates their hard earned money to your cause.

In the end, we raised an INCREDIBLE $1,077 (Erat/Oates) for this great cause while being the top fund-raiser on my team. All that was left to do was The Walk!

Walking for Hearts

Bulldogs are not walkers, so Formula Ovie was on hand to transport me the length of the American Heart Walk.

The walk as told through interpretive dance…just kidding, through Tweets

For the day: $1,077 raised, 3 miles walked/rolled, and 1 pint blood donated. Very successful day for charity! If only the Caps had sealed the deal and beat the Coyotes…Grrrrr.


To everyone who donated, mere words cannot express my gratitude to you for the generosity you showered upon my campaign for the American Heart Association! You are All Stars to me! Your contributions will help continue the education and research to combat the #1 killer of humans in the USA. THANK YOU!

Licks & Slobber to all of you!

Bulldog is busy Bulldog

As of right now, pending weather, I will be at the Sunday, 11/17 St Louis and Wednesday, 11/20 Pittsburgh games. Early forecast says rain, so let’s hope it avoids DC!
See you around the DMV!

P.S. If you aren’t following me on Twitter, what’s up with that?