Catching Up With Ovie the Bulldog

Posted June 24, 2013

Photo via Ovie the Bulldog

He’s adorable, charming and looks great in a hockey jersey. No… it’s not Mike Green. It’s Caps fans’ favorite sidewalk celebrity, Ovie the Bulldog.

Named for Alex Ovechkin, the three-year-old English bulldog can be seen before some Caps home games in front of the Verizon Center. Fans love seeing him and snapping pictures of him in his tailored youth Caps jersey with his name on the back. His presence must be a good luck charm for the Caps, because they were 5-1 this past season when he was camped out in front of the arena.

So, what is this cute, cuddly canine doing in the offseason?

“I’ve been taking a break from hockey. My heart belongs to the Caps,” he barked. “While I was thoroughly pleased at the implosion of the Penguins, and the silencing of their over-confident fan base, I’ve only watched a couple of games in each round. No Ovi, Backstrom, Green, Holtby or the rest of the Caps. It just doesn’t get me excited.”

Ovie lives with his owners, former season ticket holders, who simply want to be known as Mom and Dad. Dedicated to their pet, they gave up their season tickets so that Ovie wouldn’t have to spend so much time alone.  They are fervent hockey fans and other sports are not high on their ‘must see’ list. “Baseball is nap time in our house. Basketball, never excited me. We do watch Indy Car and F1 racing on the weekends,” woofed Ovie. “We are very excited for the new Man of Steel movie, which I won’t get to see until it is on DVD,”

What’s next for this precious pooch? Plans are for Ovie to be at more games this coming season. He also wants to visit the Kettler Capitals Iceplex with the hope of getting his picture taken with his namesake.  “Dad says Ovechkin plays like a bulldog with tons of Hart!” Ovie added with a playful growl.

You can visit Ovie on Twitter @OvieTheBulldog.

Ovie the Bulldog

Photo by Barbara Banks