Chasing Ovechkin, the Quest for the Autograph Part I

Posted October 18, 2013

Martin Erat and his family greet Ovie. Photo via @Oviethebulldog

I expect this to be a long pursuit of getting Ovechkin to sign my jersey(s). But each time I visit Kettler is always a fun time filled with adventure.

I’m here, outside, please don’t send security!

For once, Mom & Dad require less than an act of congress to get out the door in a timely fashion, we arrive around 10:30am.

I even have time to chirp at my friend Greg who works for Monumental but helps support the French Bulldog Rescue Network (Twitter: @FBRNnews Web:

We’re going to need a bigger boat

I chose this day because I thought my odds of meeting Ovechkin would be better on a work day, yet there are a lot of kids here. Where’s a truancy officer when you need one? I’m told that our choice of days to visit coincides with many school districts having a day off. This means we all have to be a little more patient for the players to sign. I can see Ovi’s daily beater car parked, I’m feeling good about my chances!

In the meantime, I keep the kids company and they keep feeding me treats, this arrangement will work out just fine!

But wait, there is a storm brewing, out comes a staffer, jogging towards Ovi’s junker, we watch the staffer climb into the car and fire it up. With a mighty VROOM it’s just as I thought, Ovi has used one of the KCI Escape tubes to a lower level and Robin here is bringing the Ovimobile to him. Sadness fills me, hey kid…give me a cookie.

Ok, primary directive failed, let’s meet other Capitals players!

I have a policy of only pester for a picture once, so as Karl Alzner, Mike Green, Jay Beagle, Braden Holtby, and Joel Ward come out I give them a head nod and leave them be. There are plenty of other players I’m sure want to pose with me, right?

Snubbed, a first time for everything.

I understand, players can’t stop for everyone, it just saddened me when after passing me by saying he was in a rush, stopped for pictures, autographs, and lengthy conversation with fans for another 10 minutes.

Brooks, our paths will cross again, please wear one of those nice suits Vanity Fair says makes you one of the best dressed and bring that smile ;)

Meeting some Caps!

I did however manage to charm John Erskine, Mikhail Grabovski, Martin Erat, and Steve Oleksy into stopping to say hi.

Now, Erat and Oleksy deserve special kudos.

Martin came out and greeted his family and said hi. Turns out they are big time bully lovers and hung out to scratch me and talk with me. Erat’s son and I shared some discussion on the chips he had and if he’d share them with me, he said the chips were not for dogs. In a missed opportunity for a great photo, Little Erat came around and kissed my right on my lips, many an Awww was heard. Dad, you need to be quick, I won’t carry you forever if you keep missing these things.

Steve Oleksy, Bulldog Sitter

I’d met Steve Oleksy’s Dad, henceforth referred to as Mr. Oleksy, at a NYR Playoff game last year. Who, Capitals Outsider confirmed is as advertised, Mr. Oleksy. Mr. Oleksy LOVES bulldogs, his company is named for bulldogs and the logo is a bulldog. When I last visited Kettler, I was being chauffeured out of the parking lot when Steve came out. Steve and I met through the open window and he mentioned he’d seen the picture I’d relentlessly tweeted at him a dozen times. It was a great meeting!

I was determined to hang out long enough to meet Steve sans auto and seat belt. He came out earlier but promised to return as he fetched something from his car.

When he did come back he became the first Washington Capital to receive my highest honor. Steve Oleksy is the first and only recipient of the Ovie the Bulldog wiggle butt. When I am very excited to see someone, I wiggle my butt and run to that person. Very, very few people have received this honor, I’m talking I can count on one paw the people.

In the conversation Steve says to Mom & Dad, “I’d love to dog sit him!” WUT? DEAL! NO BACKSIES! Where do you think I’d sit on the bench?

Odds & Ends

To all the fans I met and took pictures with today, thanks for saying hi and spending time with me!

I will be at the Verizon Center tomorrow (Saturday, October 19th) to pump up the fans as they enter the Verizon Center on F St. Stop by and see me!

Also, after much asking and searching…

Looking forward to seeing you all at games and practices in the future!


P.S. Steve, make sure there is space for me on the bench at 7:05 tomorrow ;)