Ovie the Bulldog Traded to San Diego

Posted February 19, 2014



As temperatures in the DC Region look warmer at the end of this week, GMGM declares trade a huge success, says burrito was ok but needed guacamole

If you haven’t noticed, my tweeting has been pretty quiet for the last week.  I missed all the Olympic hockey games, I missed all the skiing, and heck, I even missed curling.


While I did spend the weekend in NJ, my Dad was elsewhere, with sinister intentions.  He is Darth Vader, he has built the Death Star, and hath named it “San Diego.”  Washington, DC is now Alderaan.

It has long been the dream of my parents to move to San Diego.  For the last several years, they have carefully worked on a plan to move there and recently Dad received his approval to transfer for work.

I’m not sure how to even begin with how sad this move will make me.  Sure, the weather is great, I’ll be outdoors a lot more which means I can spend more time helping Animal Rescues and Dogs on Deployment (HQ is in San Diego).  But let’s be honest, there is NO NHL HOCKEY! NO WASHINGTON CAPITALS!  Sure, I’ll have Center Ice to watch the games….but…the Verizon Center…my bricks…my Washington Capitals.

I’ve been promised that we will go to the Anaheim/LA games to try and convert their fans, to also try and see the Caps players wherever they practice on the West Coast.  Dad says we can visit Verizon Center whenever we find ourselves visiting family out east.  I got an idea! How about January 1, 2015?  Maybe it can be nice enough that I can come back for the Winter Classic!

What I want to say is Thank You to everyone who ever stopped to pet me, to all the Caps fans who made me feel like I am part of the Caps family, for always just accepting me as I was – a Bulldog in a Caps jersey – but treating me like I was a fan of equal.  For always rallying to try and get me into the Verizon Center, THANK YOU Jen Kelly and Dogs on Deployment for making it happen!  To Dr. Katy Nelson, who was kind enough to give screen time to me when my only hook was that I am a lazy bulldog in a hockey jersey.

To the crew at Capitals Hill, the brains and design team behind the Bulldogs for the Brave T-Shirt which supports one of my favorite charities, Dogs on Deployment.

A Very Special Thank You to Barbara Banks and Ben Sumner of Capitals Outsider who championed me, let me write for you and basically were crazy enough to say, “Sure, a blog written by a bulldog, why not?”

Lastly, to my fans on Twitter and Facebook, you all have made this journey awesome.  While I won’t physically be here, my Twitter presence will not diminish, so I look forward to cheering along with you when the Caps win and grumbling when they lose.

So, what’s next for me?  I’ll still be tweeting about hockey & life as a Capitals Bulldog. I’m sure I have a lot to teach the folks in San Diego about this great sport I love.  “No, it’s O-VECH-KIN, not OVENCHICKEN!”  I hope you continue to follow my adventure as I move across the country. I plan to be very active tweeting as we stop along the way for pictures and fun.  I will still write the occasional blog for Capitals Outsider when I get to see the guys and stand guard outside the West Coast Arenas.   I will work to help support the local Humane Society, Animal Rescues (SoCal Bulldog Rescue I’m looking at you), and of course continuing my support of Dogs on Deployment.

Rest assured, I will NEVER wear another NHL team jersey!  I’m not gone, just off to make new fans for the Washington Capitals.  When the Caps win the Stanley Cup?  Save some space on the parade route for me, preferably on my bricks in front of the Verizon Center!

If you ever find yourself in San Diego?  Tweet at me! Who knows, I might be nearby and we can see each other again!

Licks and Slobber,


P.S. Hey San Diego Padres or Chargers….it looks like you guys could use an upgrade at mascot, I’m available ;)

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