Bulldogging On The Road: Caps vs. Ducks

Posted March 19, 2014

“Mmmmmm, duck treats!” (Photo via Ovie the Bulldog)

First, I am working on an article covering my move across the USA but it seems to be longer than originally planned, 2,932 miles is a lot of ground to cover, pun intended.

So, I’m now a resident of San Diego and as luck has it my Caps are on their West Coast swing to celebrate my arrival. Ok, the NHL schedule came out a long time ago, maybe Bettman knew something about me moving…CONSPIRACY! Or likely it’s all a happy coincidence. Anaheim is a 90 mile hop from my new home and after a week of driving 10-16 hour days, it feels like a 100 meter dash, which for a bulldog is a 16 hour day.

It is decided, I am going to both the Anaheim and LA games, so Game 1 is Anaheim.

A friendly warning to give the Ducks time to prepare

Game day, cue the 1960s Batman TV reference and I’m on my way!

It seems the Ducks have prepared well and are using the Trap to prevent my arrival:

Like Ovi, I barrel though and make it to the Honda Center:

Time to meet & greet the Caps fans as they go watch the game:

I miss being at Verizon Center and the Caps Family too!

Have bulldog, will nap, anywhere…

What time is it?

Fun stuff:
I met so many great fans for the Caps and Ducks (I mean, it’s not like they’re Pens fans, right?). I met one of the Red Rockers parents, who are Ducks fans, who said she grew up a Ducks fan….so glad she came to her senses. Quite a few people said I looked just like the Caps Bulldog from the internet, then upon being told I am one in the same would say “He’s internet famous!” Surprisingly, I met quite a few road warriors from the East Coast, who were shocked to find me sitting outside the Ducks arena. We’d discuss how awful the weather is (Hahaha) and our hopes for the road trip (3 Regulation wins Caps, nothing less). The Caps delivered the win and helped my record when camping out at arenas to 16-6!

Overall, it was a great visit to a new arena for me. The staff were great and all stopped to say hi to me. Given how pet friendly SoCal is I may attempt to get inside the arena next season, paws crossed. It turned out so much better than my visit to MSG in NYC where I got the boot, beginning to think MSG and KCI use the same security team. A lot of fans tweeted about how I am missed at Verizon Center. I miss it very much and most of all miss hanging out in the Caps crowd.

I look forward to the next game in LA on Thursday night!

Psst, LA Kings… you can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain me, so be ready! I like Evian and duck treats so have the bowls out front!

Hope to see more Caps fans at the Staples Center!

Licks and Slobber,