Ovie the Bulldog’s Water Bowl Stolen, and Other Verizon Center Adventures

Posted October 20, 2013

This week was a busy week for a lazy bulldog like me. On Wednesday I camped out at the NYR game, on Friday I camped out at Kettler trying to get Ovechkin’s autograph on my jersey, and Saturday I camped out on the bricks of Verizon Center for the Blue Jackets game. I am exhausted!

NYR – a slight bump in the record and a stolen water bowl

Same time, same place! I am here to greet Caps fans, eat Ranger fans and um, pump up Caps fans as they enter the Verizon Center to cheer on the Caps!

When I visit the Verizon Center, Mom & Dad always bring my water bowl and jug so I can have water, eating all those cookies can make a bulldog thirsty. Verizon Center Security asks about the bowl to confirm it is mine, which is very nice of them. I’ve never had any issues with my bowl at Verizon Center, but this night…tragedy struck! The Caps got shutout AND my water bowl was stolen!

With the loss to the Rangers, a few things have happened. My win streak against the Rangers is halted at 4 straight wins, my Verizon Center record goes to 11-3, and I need a contact at CSI to help find my water bowl!

Columbus Blue Jackets come to DC

The sting of the loss to the Rangers is very fresh in my mind, I’m not sure if I can handle an extended losing slide in my record. I will rally the fans to be loud and proud for the game!

Tonight the fans are in great spirits and ready to Rock the Red and help cheer the Caps onto Victory!

For those wondering, there are always too many pictures to post all of them, I roll a dice to select which tweets to post. The only exception is the Washington Capitals Red Rockers, the dice ALWAYS lands on the Red Rockers.


I normally hang out until the sidewalk looks clear of fans, it means a frantic pace to get home to catch the 2nd & 3rd period.

Thanks to some event on Pennsylvania Ave which shut traffic down for several blocks and Dad’s insistence he be allowed to pick up a sandwich on the way home, I do not get home until the 3rd period has started. Seriously, you can have some of my food if you are hungry, we need to get home!

I’m home, the Caps lead 2-0, but as the TV fires up, Brouwer fires one into the net, BOOM 3-0!

Very soon after, my namesake, makes it 4-0! The luck of the bulldog seems to have been renewed!

In the end, the Caps win 4-1. Pretty decent winning record now at 12-3 when I hit the Verizon Center bricks before the game.

Some twitter fun: People blame me….

Erat and the 2nd line bump….

Oleksy, 1 assist with extra razzle/dazzle, 1 Blue Jacket beaten with style

One of my FAVORITE Caps is Steve Oleksy, the only recipient of the Ovie the Bulldog Wiggle Butt honor. While I did not get him to dog sit me on the bench tonight, he did deliver a great game. Curl & Drag of awesomeness? Check! Fixing his hair in the MIDDLE of a fight? Check!

Operation Smuggle the Bulldog

A lot of fans seem to want me inside the Verizon Center, by hook or crook.

Water bowl, NOT stolen…tonight

Philadelphia, almost…

I do a lot to help support various charities and animal rescue organizations. I was invited to support a Walk for Autism taking place in Philadelphia, PA this morning. It would be a hectic day, drive to Philly and back for the Caps game but I was up for the challenge, especially since Mom works with children on the Autism Spectrum (Mom, did I say that right?). Well, yesterday we received word that the company sponsoring the walk said I would NOT be allowed to participate. Again, the dreaded “No Dogs Allowed” mantra. I speculate they were worried I’d convert some of the Flyer fans by merely showing up, and they can’t have that, right? So, sadly, I didn’t get to go to Philly for the Autism Walk.
Speaking of charity walks…ahem…ahem…please help if you can!

Ovie the Bulldog’s American Heart Association Walk

Once again, thanks to everyone who stopped to pet me and take pictures with me!

My next Verizon Center visit will be the November 2nd game! Hope to see you on F St!


P.S. I need to show up earlier on the 2nd, so Steve can pick me up out front for a bulldog sitting session.