A Year of Awesomeness in Blogging

Posted December 30, 2010

Capitals Outsider would like to take this opportunity to pat the Caps blogosphere on the back, including ourselves, and give out awards for Excellence in Caps Blogging with the 2010 Cappies.

We would also like to thank several bloggers for their continued support, including Adam and Zach Best at Fansided, D.C. Pro Sports Report, J.P. at Japer’s Rink, Mike Hoffman at Examiner.com, Abram, Dan and Paul at DC Sports Box, Greg Wyshynski at Yahoo, Dan Steinberg at The Post, Daniel Victor at TBD.com, the stooges at Gunaxin, Keara Dowd who joined our staff, casting queen Suzanne Kang, CapsSnaps, Caps in Pictures, and Cheryl Nichols for photos, everyone on our blogroll, our Twitter followers, and the couple dozen people who actually like us on Facebook (hint hint). Also we want to give a special thanks to Ted Leonsis and Nate Ewell for making the Capitals the most media-accessible team in the NHL.

Before we get to the Cappie Awards, Capitals Outsider will narcissistically  look back at its own greatest hits of 2010.






Players, Coaches and Front Office



Poll of the Year Influenced by Ovechkin

The Cappies

The Cappies are awards presented by Capitals Outsider for excellence in independent blogging on the Capitals.

The Capitals Blogger of the Year goes to…

Neil Greenberg, of Russian Machine Never Breaks and Capitals Insider2. He also won the Capitals Outsider Blogger of the Summer award.

The Cappie for Best Caps-Related Video goes to Peter Hassett, also of Russian Machine Never Breaks, for his efforts in creating this video and his 24/7 song recaps.

The Cappie for Caps Blog Name of the Year goes to Kings of Leonsis.

The Japers’ Rink Cappie Award for King of All Caps Bloggers goes to J.P. of Japers’ Rink. Runner up is John Keeley of On Frozen Blog.

The Cappie for Most Despised Media Member goes to… by golly it’s a tie! Mike Milbury and Damien Cox.

The Cappie for Most Likable Media Member goes to Ted Starkey of The Washington Times (yes, it still exists). Runner up goes to Dan Steinberg of The Post, who has one of the best jobs in journalism.

The Cappie for Best Player to Interview goes to Karl Alzner. Props also to Mike KnubleAndrew Gordon and Braden Holtby.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2010 Cappies.