Alex Ovechkin Matt Bradley vs. Steve Downie

Posted January 12, 2010

Capitals Outsider’s favorite player is Matt Bradley. Not only did he grant us an offbeat interview, but as fans we know something interesting is going down when Joe Beninati says his name.

Washington’s lousy play Tuesday against Tampa Bay aside, Caps fans at least found it interesting in the third period when Alex Ovechkin and Steve Downie left the penalty box after matching roughing minors and dropped the gloves (and helmets).

Like a bolt of lightning (no pun intended), Matt Bradley stormed into the scene, attacking Downie and stealing the fight right out of Ovie’s hands. Though we’re sure Ovie can hold his own, it’s probably not a good idea for the best player in the world to have a dancing partner.

Great job, Brads.

Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post has a hilarious frame-for-frame recap of the fight.