Boudreau Responds to Cherry

Posted January 17, 2010


We had a chance this evening to ask Coach Bruce Boudreau his thoughts about Don Cherry’s comments from the night before.

Boudreau : You know what, I love Don Cherry.

Capitals Outsider : Well he said he liked you too, but he called you Brodeur.

Boudreau : Yeah, my daughter told me that. Here’s the thing that he doesn’t understand, is that the reason I put Ovechkin and Green out there is because… If Ron Wilson is going to put their tough guys out in the last five minutes, trying to push us around, and you know they’re going to get penalties. Yeah, we’re going to keep putting our guys out, and that was the only reason. Because if you’ll notice, our fourth line was on the ice, and we didn’t play Ovie and Green other than that. He’s just looking to say, “ok take it easy on the Leafs.” Ronnie played those guys for three of the last five minutes, and there is no reason when the game is over.