Fighting… With George McPhee

Posted August 27, 2010

Most fans know George McPhee as the humorless, stone-faced General Manager of the Washington Capitals. In fact, most journalists know McPhee that very same way. Needless to say, he was quite a fighter back in the day. You know, in 1999, when he gave Chicago coach Lorne Molleken a black eye after an exhibition game.

But McPhee was also a force to reckon with when he played with the New York Rangers.

(Videos after the jump)

Before we get to the fight videos, we want to report that McPhee is a winker, and people who get winked at by McPhee should consider it a compliment (like my roller hockey teammate who got winked at by McPhee at the Gardens Ice House in Laurel. We’re really not sure why.).

Okay, on to the fight videos.

McPhee vs. Rick Tocchet, with a Glen Hanlon cameo

McPhee vs. Bob Nystrom

McPhee vs. Jim McTaggart

McPhee vs. Dave Brown

McPhee vs. Lane Lambert