FIGHT! Tom Wilson vs. Zdeno Chara

Posted December 11, 2019

Tom Wilson just took on the tallest man in NHL history, with a fight against Boston’s Zdeno Chara. It was Chara‘s first fight of the season, as he doesn’t get challenged very often due to his dominating reach. Tom Wilson has been fighting less since he’s been skating on the 1st line, and this was only his second of the season. Wilson received a two minute cross-checking penalty which led to the fight, and then matching five minute majors for fighting were assessed to the combatants. We believe this is the first official fight between the pair, but they have definitely mixed it up with some hard hits in recent seasons, including earlier this year. Chara ended up on top at the end, but we’re going to score this one a draw, because we’re unapologetic homers. Chara Beans is LONG, but Tommy did an admirable job.