Ticket Scalpers at Verizon Center

Posted April 17, 2010

At least this one bought a Jersey

With the Capitals’ success, a minor nuisance has turned into an epidemic. I am referring of course to the ticket scalping problem outside of Verizon Center. Anyone who has ever walked down F Street before a game has surely been harassed by these folks. They have turned an illegal activity into a business, in plain site of police. The officer I spoke with informed me that the scalpers know the laws, and know exactly where to stand to be outside of their jurisdiction.

Personally I don’t have an issue with fans selling an occasional extra ticket, but the practice is illegal on the streets in Washington, D.C. However based on what I have witnessed outside of Verizon for about the last decade, it seems like the fans are the people most likely to get busted. The guys who make a living off of this activity, without any interest in the sport other than to make money off it, seem to get away with it.

So now that the Capitals are the hottest ticket in town, this problem has grown to unacceptable levels, and I can no longer stand being hounded every time I walk down the street. So today I grabbed my camera, and with my press pass around my neck I proceeded out onto F Street. The following gallery is exclusively made up of people who either asked me if I had any tickets, or I witnessed dealing on the street. Many of them saw me taking pictures, and didn’t even seem to care.

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