How the Caps Blogosphere Spent Its Summer Vacation

Posted September 22, 2010

Many Capitals bloggers didn’t let this year’s summer vacation get in the way of publishing Caps-centric content for this hockey-loving city. But summer, relatively speaking, is a slow time for hockey news. So what did we do? Plenty. Let’s recap. (Note: By ‘we’ I mean Caps bloggers)

The Capitals Blogger of the Summer – the Cappie – goes to…

Neil Greenberg, of Russian Machine Never Breaks. Aside from writing, he spent his summer shooting photos for Michael Hoffman at the Examiner, shooting photos of Homer McFanboy’s roller hockey games, and getting a blogging gig with Capitals Insider at

Now, preseason begins, and we can once again focus on what’s really important. More page views.

Go Caps.