CSN Adds Virtual Advertising

Posted October 9, 2010

Those of you watching the home opener for the Capitals from your own home this evening may have noticed an annoying development behind the goaltender. Comcast Sports Net has apparently begun selling virtual advertising on the glass behind each goal. The ads are only visible from the main camera angle, and they are similar to what you’ve seen behind the plate in baseball in recent seasons. We took a few shots of the ads (after the jump), but anyone who saw the game was sure to notice them. The one thing I find most annoying is that they move. If they must do this, then they really should figure out a way to keep them stationary.

Hopefully the folks at MicroTech didn’t pay the same amount as The Greene Turtle, as they are obviously getting way less exposure due to the implementation of their logo. I think the folks at CSN may owe them a refund.