Remembering John Kordic

Posted August 12, 2010

It was 18 years ago this past Sunday when former Washington Capitals tough guy John “Rambo” Kordic passed away at the age of 27 from a drug overdose. He only played seven games for the Capitals, but acquired a staggering 101 penalty minutes in those games, which averages out to almost 15 a game. Or, during the course of an 80 game season, 1154. Yeah. Dale Hunter has nothing on Kordic.

Kordic missed practice in Feb. 1991 and the Caps ordered him to spend time in a rehab clinic, and he was later suspended for failing to show up to a game against the Islanders. After leaving the Capitals, he played briefly for the Cape Breton Oilers of the AHL and the Quebec Nordiques.

As a Caps fan, that was all I remember about John Kordic, but there was a lot more worth checking out. Read this great post called The Lost Boy at Butterflies and Black Aces. Also check out this song called The Last Waltz of John Kordic by Joel Fafard. Continue after the jump for some classic John Kordic video.

John Kordic Tribute

vs. Bob Probert

vs. Tie Domi

vs. Craig Berube (WHL)

vs. Tony Twist

vs. Wendell Clark