Ovie the Bulldog Making One Final Road Trip Game – in Vegas!

Posted February 16, 2020

via @VGKHatGirlLogan

Ovie the Bulldog has been an unofficial mascot of the Washington Capitals going back many years. Even after his parents moved to San Diego, Ovie has been making appearances at Caps games out west, and even came all the way back for the Stanley Cup Finals.

Today, Ovie has decided that he’s making his final road trip game as the Caps visit Las Vegas, where he’s currently hanging out with some very good friends, including Bark Andre Furry and Logan – The Girl with the Hat.

Ovie sent this message to fans on Twitter:

#Caps fans, bittersweet to announce that tomorrows #CapsVGK game will be my last road trip game. I have been crashing outside games for close to a decade & after much discussion, it’s time to slow down & rest some. This is part my current health battle, my age (10) which is very senior for a bulldog, these trips take a lot out of me and I don’t have the stamina to hang out like I used to. The two factors combined don’t allow for me to plan further than where I am today. Some days I have energy & others I just want to lay on the sofa & eat cookies & sleep all day. I have loved every game I’ve sat outside of, loved meeting the thousands & thousands of fans, getting infinite scratches & pictures. I’ve enjoyed Two epic #Caps road trips! The 2015 #WinterClassic. And THE MOST EPIC #StanleyCup Road trip in 2018, been to several away arenas for the Kings, Ducks, Coyotes, Rangers, & Golden Knights. I wish I could have seen more.

Overall; I’ve attended roughly 50 games. I’ve got a pretty good record in DC and a LOUSY record at other arenas but it was always about seeing the fans. Thank you for always saying hi, giving me love and hanging out before the games. This isn’t a retirement, just a change to my appearances. I’ll still be watching games on TV and cheering like I always have. So, tomorrow, my last appearance outside an arena game. Stop by and say hi! It’ll be a GR8 day for a hockey game! Love you all! Ovie

Recently, Ovie teamed up with good friend Bark Andre Furry to make a pin of the two together, with $5 from the sale of each pin split between @BarkForACause and @IceDogsSHW.

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Caps Outsider has been working with Ovie the Bulldog for years and is our absolute favorite Caps fan of all time (Sorry Goat, Horn Guy, Charlie the T-Shirt Guy, Capstronaut, Pat Sajak, Elvichkin, Fatima, Larry King, Wonder Woman, Tom Green, and surely countless others who I forgot to name here.)

We’ve got many posts about Ovie, and journals from his road trips. Check them out.

All the best, Ovie!