Bulldogging Across the USA: A Winter Classic Journey Part III

Posted January 14, 2015

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To the OvieMobile! Wagons WEST!

Sadly, puck drop means it is time for me to hit the road. We have to be back in San Diego so Mom can go to work and Dad has jury duty on Monday, so we depart the Winter Classic hoping I’ve brought enough bulldog luck to the Caps.

@GoPro cam? Check! Hours and HOURS of video to pour over, edit, and press into a #WinterClassicAdventure video? CHECK! #WinterClassic #BulldogCannonBallRun

Huge inflatable hockey guy is huge #WinterClassic #WinterClassicAdventure #BulldogCannonBallRun

A photo posted by Ovie the Bulldog (@oviethebulldog) on

Huge inflatable hockey guy is huge #WinterClassic #WinterClassicAdventure #BulldogCannonBallRun

Surveying Nats Park & Preparing to leave, apparently I was expected to WALK back to the car! All the way up Half Street, that’s like a WHOLE BLOCK! After all the work I just did? It’s exhausting eating cookies & being pet by thousands of people! #ILoveIt #WinterClassic #WinterClassicAdventure #BulldogCannonBallRun

The Blackhawks make a game of it and comeback to tie the game

Of course, we all know how it ended :)

Miss you too Wes

Team #WinterClassicAdventure

Team #WinterClassicAdventure #BulldogCannonBallRun Me, Mom, & Dad #ThankYou to all our family & friends who housed, fed, & cared for us on this MASSIVE journey! We Love You!

#BulldogCannonBallRun 2: I Live Here Now

The ride back gets off to a GREAT start with the Caps win in the Winter Classic but it soon sets in when I’m in the back seat entering the 6th hour that I’m already had enough of the drive. Not soon enough we get to the 1st stop, Columbus, OH. The “I Live Here Now” came from me joking I was too tired to get back in the car anymore and that I now lived wherever we were.

Crisis in Columbus!

While there, I get to see some Caps friends! Emily actually saw me when she visited San Diego :)

Day 2 will send me back through Indianapolis, IN which is home to Butler University and their bulldog mascot Blue 3, who is one of my good buddies. While we missed seeing each other on my way east, turns out the #BulldogSummit will happen today! Blue 3 visited me on his #BigDawgsTour last year and it’s only fair I include him in the #BulldogCannonBallRun. Thanks again buddy!

Getting the VIP Tour of the Hinkle Field House at Butler University with my great #BulldogBuddy @butlerblue3 Thanks for the great visit! #BulldogCannonBallRun

Posing with the Giants of Butler University Blue 2 & @butlerblue3! Blue 2 is gone from us too soon & this is the Memorial to him & former Butler Mascots

The Butler Bulldog statue of @butlerblue3 inside Hinkle Field House! Thanks for being patient as I wanted pictures every few feet. #BulldogCannonBallRun

After a too short visit with Blue, it’s back on the road to Springfield, MO. I don’t sleep in the car so when at hotels all I want to do is sleep.

“Hi, you’ve reached Ovie, sorry I missed your call but please leave message at the Zzzzz & I’ll be sure to get back to you!” #Zzzzzzzzzzz

Day 3: Famous quote machine

What is this strange substance and I Must roll in it!

The FINAL Day!

#BulldogCannonBallRun Completed!

Attempting to stay awake on the last leg of the #BulldogCannonBallRun yesterday #WinterClassicAdventure

A photo posted by Ovie the Bulldog (@oviethebulldog) on

Attempting to stay awake on the last leg of the #BulldogCannonBallRun yesterday

Final stats on Leg 2 of the #BulldogCannonBallRun 2,680 miles and 40.5 hours in the car.

It was a long but great adventure! So happy to have seen old friends as well as making a lot of new friends! Now that I’ve woken from my recovery hibernation (I slept non-stop for almost 4 days) and finished the article, it’s time to review the 264 gigabytes of GoPro video and compress it into something shorter than the existing 30 hours in its current format.

Up Next for Me:
I’ll be looking to start surfing lessons probably closer to summer when it’s warmer in the water. But more immediately I’ll be crashing the Caps/Kings game on 2/14 and the Caps/Ducks game on 2/15. So, if you will be going to the games, stop by and see me out front!

Thank you to everyone who made this trip happen! All my friends and family who put me & my parents up in your houses, who fed us, and gave us love and support!

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