Bulldogging Across the USA: A Winter Classic Journey Part II

Posted January 13, 2015

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Washington, DC I AM BACK!!!

It’s been 302 days since I moved to San Diego, not that I’ve kept count by making little scratch marks in the wall next to my bed, which I haven’t! But it feels GREAT to be back for a few days!

Now, due to poor timing by the NHL or manufacturers or incorrect alignment of celestial bodies, the Youth sizes of the Winter Classic jerseys was delayed until 4 days before I left San Diego. Many people ask where I get my jersey, since they’d never seen a dog jersey like mine in stores. Well, it’s a youth jersey which is cut down, stitched, and then custom name kit attached. My friend and former neighbor does all the hard work, I’m the lucky bulldog who gets to wear the finished jersey that everyone knows and loves. Because of the delays, I had to get the Kettler Store to direct ship to her. When I got to Maryland, I went for a final fitting before everything was stitched tight!

Each night, I’m crashing at a different friends place. Monday I stayed at my great friends Marley (my girlfriend), Doobie (one of my best buds), Scrapple the Rescue Pig (FYI NOT FOR EATING), Jennifer and Patrick (the human supervisors). We also had a visit from my friends Sherry and Natalie Kendall from Wagging Tail Portraits! It was a party and there was a Caps game on the Tee Vee too!

I had a great night playing with Scrapple and Marley. Doobie and me hung out and compared napping notes. Sadly, Doobie passed away after surgery the next morning after I had left. This was absolutely devastating news for his family and mine. He was such an awesomely sweet little bulldog and I will always treasure the last night we got to pal around… and nap! #RIPDoobie

Off to Kettler, Part 38, To Be Ejected OR Not To Be

It’s not a secret that I’ve had my challenges remaining inside the Kettler Iceplex. Having been given the boot a few times already, this time I NEED to be successful, after all I’m only in town for a few days. But where is the fun if you don’t chirp at your adversaries?

FYI, I did get the leash and collar ;)


Scoping out Nats Park for my spot

Going to Verizon Center is easy, I have my bricks and that will never change. For the Winter Classic, I need to scope out my spot where I can be near the action but not be in the way.

While waiting I get to see my old friend Alan May and his son.

Additionally, Stephen Whyno from The Canadian Press wants to talk about my trip. I warn him that “Asparagus” is the safety word that gets Dad to stop talking.

Brooks Laich, finally

I’d been passed over for pics with Brooks in the past, not today! I guess he knows Hollywood potential when he sees it! Also, he seems to be playing pretty well after getting his picture with me, coincidence? Haha!

The NHL Loves Bulldogs in Hockey Jerseys

The Big Day Nears!

Winter Classic Eve


This is it! The reason behind the 3,200 miles driven, 50 hours in the car, and the Road to the Winter Classic is finally complete!

Pre-gaming with the Washington Capitals Fans of Northern Virginia

I’d received a very special invite from Jon Sorensen to join the Washington Capitals Fans of Northern Virginia Pre-Game party at Old Ebbitt Grill. I’m allowed practically everywhere in San Diego but it is not the case in Washington, DC, especially in a swanky joint like Old Ebbitt. Jon pulled the strings and I was allowed inside to join the party!


Lucky Bulldog is Lucky!

The Secretary of Defense

Thanks Jon!

So happy to have met @jonms123 of Washington Capitals Fans of Northern VA who must have laid a very convincing argument to Old Ebbitt Grill to get me inside!

Many thanks to you my friend, my #WinterClassicAdventure was even better than I’d originally thought it’d be.

After a great party to warm up it’s time to fight my way to Nats Park!


Pet the bulldog for BROUWER POUWER!

Fans from all teams, including the Blackhawks

Love this dog! @oviethebulldog #Capitals #WinterClassic

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Love this dog!

A Caps fan made me a Caps quilt! OMG Thank you Karen!

Standing guard outside Nats Park #WinterClassic #WinterClassicAdventure #BulldogCannonBallRun

A photo posted by Ovie the Bulldog (@oviethebulldog) on

Standing guard outside Nats Park.

What’s a #WinterClassic without a Winter Hat? #RedFlapHat #WinterClassicAdventure #BulldogCannonBallRun (Pic courtesy of Sticks for Troops)

While not my bricks at Verizon Ctr, the surface will suffice for a quick break! #RedFlapHat providing needed shade from the sun! Thanks to my dear friend @doddmv for the picture!


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