Caps Gaming Champions – Entourage!

Posted February 29, 2020

Entourage is your Caps Gaming 6 vs. 6 Champions!


84 teams started on a journey on December 7th in a long, tough schedule to see who could survive and win the grand prize.  Finally that time has come.


Hidden Potential (1) went up against Entourage (3) in the championship finals after both teams won their series in sweeping fashion, 2-0.  In the semi finals, Hidden Potential defeated the Phantoms two games to none.  Entourage defeated Resilience two games to none as well, landing themselves in the money game.

JClaus33 of Entourage

Even though Hidden Potential was ranked as the one seed, Entourage went on for the sweep three games to none in the best of five.  Entourage went on to win $10,000 while Hidden Potential took home a second place total of $5,000.

Here is the overtime game winner for Entourage that clinched the money:


Entourage’s roster will be remembered as the first ever Caps Gaming 6 v 6 champions.  Their roster concluded with:

Center: JClaus33

Left Wing: Hxndry

Right Wing: xFisher 81

Left Defense: NYR95

Right Defense: Regs84

Goalie: Scheckel29


Another milestone came from Entourage’s right defensemen, Regs84.  He won the 1 v 1 Caps Gaming tournament last year, making him a two time champion in this building at the age of 19.  Definitely an impressive resume building for Regs at such a young age.


Congratulations to Entourage and everyone else who participated.  Caps Gaming has put out the statement that NHL esports should be played in a 6 v 6 format.