Superfan Ovie the Bulldog Travels Cross Country for Game 3!

Posted May 31, 2018

Photos via Michael Robinson

Caps’ fans favorite pavement pooch, Ovie the Bulldog, traveled all the way back to Washington D.C. from his home in San Diego, CA to greet fans and cheer on the Caps for the Stanley Cup finals.  Fans remember Ovie in his custom made Caps Jersey, welcoming them before each home game. Some hugged him, some took photos and some rubbed his furry head for luck, but one thing is for sure, everybody loved him.  Fans were so happy to see him again!

Accompanied by his owner (Dad), Mike Robertson, Ovie graced the Capital One Arena sidewalk Wednesday night for the viewing party and will stay until game 7, if it comes to that.  Prior to greeting fans, he met with Craig and Courtney Laughlin and the NBCSN crew for a quick photo op.

“This is my retirement ride, the swan song,” said 8-year-old Ovie.  “After this trip east, I’ll be retired from any drives over six hours.  The ride is stressful for me and Dad, and I’m getting up there in age for a bulldog.”

The last time Ovie traveled back to D.C. for a game was in 2015 for the Winter Classic, although it is not the only time he’s cheered on the Caps.  After moving from the DC area in 2014, Ovie has visited with some of the players and fans when the Caps played the Kings, Coyotes, Ducks and Golden Knights.  During that time, Ovie acquired a little sister, Saffy Bean Bulldog.  She also sports a custom made jersey and accompanies him on west coast trips to support the Caps.

“Yeah, my Dad is the guy who is insane enough to drive 2,700 miles, almost 5,500 round trip just to stand outside the arena with his bulldog,” mused Ovie.

You can visit with Ovie the Bulldog out in front of the Capital One Arena on game days during the Stanley Cup finals.  He will also be at the Kettler Capitals IcePlex for practices. And, for more information about Ovie, check out our past articles and visit Ovie the Bulldog on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter #VICTORYCOOKIES!