The Making of a Red Rocker: Day 2

Posted July 30, 2013

The 2013-14 Red Rockers! Photo by @capsredrockers

The finalists arrived at the Verizon Center location of VIDA Fitness at 1:30 pm Sunday to complete the auditions and, hopefully, be selected for the 2013-2014 Red Rockers cheerleading team. With sparkling smiles, and displaying significant stamina and athleticism, they repeatedly practiced the dance routine they learned the day before in preparation for their one shot to perform before the judges.

At 2 p.m., the finalists were escorted out of the dance studio and divided into groups of four. Each group re-entered the studio when they were called to perform. After all of the groups had danced, the girls had the excruciating task of waiting for the judges to make their final decision based on the dance, their personal interview and teamwork. They waited patiently but, beneath the smiles and laughter, it was obvious they were nervous and anxious to know the outcome.

Jennifer B. discusses the auditions. (Bruce Andrew Peters)

Jennifer B. discusses the auditions. (Bruce Andrew Peters)

After all, becoming a Red Rocker is a tremendous opportunity, not only to cheer on the Caps but to serve the community. Twenty-three year old Jennifer B. has always been a hockey fan. Growing up in Virginia and graduating from James Madison University, she is a big Caps fan. “I would see the Red Rockers at Caps’ games and I could see myself doing that and getting the crowd excited,” she explained. “It’s a great way to support the Capitals. That’s why I wanted to try out.”

Then came the moment they had all been waiting for. Game Entertainment Coordinator for the Washington Capitals, Tyler Hines, spoke to the finalists with respect and admiration. “This was a very difficult decision. This is the most qualified group of applicants we have ever had. Unfortunately, we can only keep 20 of you. If you hear your number called, please come forward. If not, we hope you’ll try out again next year.”

And so, with cheers, hugs and some tears, the 2013-2014 Red Rockers were born. Let’s hope they can lead the fans to cheer the Caps on to a winning season.

Let’s Go Caps! (And Red Rockers!)

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Photos and video by Bruce Andrew Peters for Caps Outsider. See his website and see more photos on his Facebook page.

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