Caps Red Rockers Are Now Caps Spirit Squad

Posted August 3, 2018

(Caps Outsider)

The Red Rockers are the Washington Capitals’ cheerleaders, and they serve as ambassadors for the team and Monumental Sports and Entertainment. Things are different now. The Red Rockers have changed their name to the Caps Spirit Squad, and they will now be a co-ed team.

It was announced on Thursday that the audition for the 2018-19 Caps Spirit Squad will take place at Capital One Arena on Sunday, August 19th, beginning at 9am.  Interested applicants should complete the online registration form prior to August 15th to be included.  Entry into the audition is free of charge. Applicants can find the form and specific requirements for the team here:

This announcement from the Caps comes on the heels of an announcement from the Wizards organization that they are changing the name of their cheerleading squad from Wizard Girls to Wizard Dancers, and they will also be co-ed.

The squad change is having mixed reviews on social media.  Some fans like the idea of a co-ed squad (think of college football cheerleading teams), some want to stick with the status quo and some think that hockey teams should eliminate cheerleaders/spirit squads altogether.

Whatever your opinion, the change has been made and there will definitely be a different face to the squad this season.  So, if you’re a guy or a gal over the age of 18 and you think you have what it takes to cheer on the Stanley Cup Champions, go for it!

Let’s Go Caps!!  Back to Back!!

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