Meet Caps Red Rocker Christie

Posted March 3, 2014

Photos via Red Rockers

“I have been a hockey fan ever since I started walking,” recalled Red Rocker Christie, a 21-year-old dental hygiene student and member of the Washington Capitals Spirit Squad. “I blame my brother for my obsession with hockey. I even begged my mom to let me play hockey once!”

Born and raised in Maryland, Christie has been a Caps fan since before fans were Rocking the Red.

“I have been a Capitals fan since we had five gold stars on the jersey with a blue, black and gold bald eagle,” she said. “The Caps have always been my number one team to root for on the couch in my living room. Now, I get to see the games at the Verizon Center and be a part of the loud background noise people hear on TV.”

A fan favorite and very familiar face at Caps’ games, charity and promotional events, Christie has been a Red Rocker for three years. She considers the Red Rocker experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that she could not pass up. It was her chance to be a part of ‘the team’ and join in a high-spirited environment to cheer on her favorite sport.

Christie plays hockey at the Caps Convention (Photo via Jarrod Wronski)

Christie plays hockey at the Caps Convention (Photo via Jarrod Wronski)

Interacting and connecting with fans is a huge priority in the Washington Capitals organization. The Red Rockers strive to create a welcoming, positive atmosphere so that fans will understand and realize just how important they are to the team.

“Everything starts with the first impression,” said Christie. “So, no matter what kind of day we are having in our daily lives, when we become Red Rockers everything has to be left at the door because we exist for the fans.”

“Caps’ fans are 100% dedicated,” Christie added proudly. “They’ll attend every game, even in a blizzard. And some have even dyed their whole body red!”

One role of the Red Rocker Spirit Squad is to be ambassadors for the Washington Capitals organization throughout the community. Members of the squad can be seen with Slapshot, the Caps’ mascot, and/or present and alumni players at a wide variety of community events. Being a veteran Red Rocker, Christie has made many appearances at such events.

“All charity events/appearances are my favorite, but one that sticks out the most is an appearance we made at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. One of the kids requested that the Red Rockers visit his room. We agreed, and I have never seen such a big smile before. He had such high spirits for being in the hospital,” explained Christie.

At another community event, Christie had the opportunity to see current Washington Capitals players having fun and relating on a personal level with fans. Although there are qualities she likes about all of the players, one made a lasting impression.

“The Red Rockers were working a joint event with our players one day,” she remembered fondly. “Steve Oleksy was teaching a little girl how to ice skate. It was nice to see that he was so personable, and took the time to interact with his fans.”

Christie takes her position as a Red Rocker very seriously. She realizes what an awesome opportunity she has been given and the responsibility that accompanies the role.

“My job as ‘Red Rocker Christie’ is to positively represent the team at all times in uniform, and even when I’m outside of the Verizon Center as just ‘Christie’, I am still representing the organization. When you sign-up to be part of the Washington Capitals organization, you are signing up fulltime.”

Stop by and visit Christie, and the other Red Rockers, outside of section 111 on the main concourse at Caps’ home games.

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Christie high-fives Slapshot. (Photo via Christie)

Christie high-fives Slapshot. (Photo via Christie)