Making the Team: 2014-15 Red Rocker Spirit Squad Announced

Posted July 26, 2014

Photos by Caps Outsider

Dressed in professional attire and carrying gym bags, twenty-nine enthusiastic, determined young ladies came to VIDA Fitness at the Verizon Center Saturday for the final Red Rocker spirit squad auditions.  Day 3 of the auditions began with formal interviews conducted by members of Capitals Game Entertainment and Marketing.   After the interviews, the music began to blare as the finalists changed into their gym clothes to practice the final dance routine that they would perform for the judges.

Red Rocker Brittany B., from Spotsylvania County, VA, has been on the squad for the past two years and was trying out for the third time.

“It’s the best job ever,” said Brittany.  “I get to work at my favorite sporting event and for my favorite team.  I really love it.  There was no reason not to try out.”

Red Rocker Caity, from Arlington, VA, was also trying out for the third consecutive year.

“My favorite part is interacting with the fans,” said Caity.  “I love talking to long-time fans.  I am always impressed by how passionate they are and how dedicated they are to the Caps.”

“I really want to be part of the team and I want to dance,” said newcomer Victoria from Haymarket, VA. “I want to pump-up the crowd and be spirited.  It is such a great atmosphere,” she added.

There are only 13 NHL teams with a cheerleading/ spirit squad.  Among them, the Red Rockers have been in existence for the past seven years and have a different purpose than the well-known NHL “Ice Girls”. The Red Rockers are ambassadors for the Caps organization and focus on engaging the fans.  “Ice Girls” are skaters that perform on ice and act as part of the ice crew during breaks and intermissions.

Among some of the changes this season for the squad, is the appointment of Red Rocker Michelle Dee to coach/choreographer. Michelle, a fan favorite and familiar face at home games, community events and in Caps advertisements, is happy about her new position.

“I’m very excited about being the coach,” said Dee. “I will be advising the team about appropriate make up, style, and approach — how to attract and engage the fans.”

Dee will be working closely with a newcomer to the Game Entertainment team, Connor Leipold.  A recent college graduate, Leipold will act as manager for the Red Rockers.

“I will be coordinating in-game activities and community events for the Red Rockers,” said Leipold.

Finally, the participants were placed in groups of four to perform their final dance routine.  After all the groups had performed, the judges met privately to choose the new squad.  And after a long, anxious wait for the finalists Tyler Hines, Game Entertainment Manager, announced the new team.  Amid hugs and smiles and tears, the 2014-2015 Red Rockers spirit squad was born.

“It was a very hard decision,” said Quentin Addison, Producer and Director of Game Entertainment for the Caps, who acted as one of the judges for the event.

“The finalists exceeded my expectations.  I knew the interviews were going to be good, but they were even better,” Addison said.

Visit the Red Rockers at Caps home games starting in September.  The new squad is pumped and ready to Rock the Red.  Let’s Go Caps!

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