The Capitals 20th Anniversary Matchbox Car

Posted July 10, 2018

In the department of I had no idea this existed is the Washington Capitals 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Matchbox car. According to the packaging, only 5,000 of these were made. While it certainly seems to be one of the more unique items made to commemorate the Caps’ platinum year – along with¬†pucks, hats, keychains, fanny packs, lunch bags, and paper weights – these cars often¬†pop up on eBay for relatively cheap prices. I saw one just sell for… $2. That ain’t no gravy boat. There’s also another Caps car – a delivery van that was also made in 1993 (you can overpay for that on Amazon) along with many other NHL teams.

Here are the other 20th anniversary Caps items that you can find on eBay.