Capitals Gravy Boats Already Fetching $100+ on eBay

Posted November 24, 2017

The pre-Thanksgiving giveaway at the Capitals games this year was a gravy boat – to those folks who either bought special tickets for the event or were Club Red 365 members. That left a lot of people without a gravy boat.

Typically when there is a stadium giveaway, the products find their way to eBay, where folks who couldn’t attend the event overpay for what ultimately amounts to a $2 item, at most. But this wasn’t a stadium giveaway, like the bobbleheads, which often fetch around $50 after a game. This was a partial giveaway, leaving many folks – many of whom attended the game – wanting the item.

Before the Caps game against Ottawa was even over, fans started putting the gravy boat on Ebay. The bidding is already over $100 for several of them, more than the price of the ticket to the game to even get the gravy boat.

I urge the Washington Capitals to find sponsors for such items and just give them away to everyone in attendance. Caps fans deserve it. The relatively few folks who sell them wouldn’t be making as much money on the secondary market, which isn’t the purpose of these giveaways. Craig Laughlin sums up the spirit of the Capitals gravy boat, and Thanksgiving, in this photo: