Behind the “Stanley 17” Caps Jersey

Posted March 23, 2017

(Via Dan Gaskill)

It’s not uncommon for some rabid fans to preemptively celebrate a Stanley Cup win. Some get tattoos, and some paint epic works of art. Dan Gaskill, 49, from Silver Spring, got a Capitals ‘Stanley’ 17 jersey.

Gaskill became a Caps fan by “accident” four years ago. After a meeting, he was invited to attend a Caps game and “walked into the building and just loved it.”

The jersey is signed by both Nicklas Backstrom and Marcus Johansson. “I said if you sign this, it’s a contract to get that Stanley. Backstrom said: ‘Give me that thing.'”

What happens if the Caps don’t win the Stanley Cup this year? Gaskill said he will get the 7 restitched to an 8. Notice how the autographs are on the 1 and not the 7. If the Caps don’t win next year? “I haven’t planned that far ahead. They will get it this [year] anyway.”