Islanders Fans Show Their True Colors

Posted April 26, 2015

(Caps Outsider)

One week after Washington Capitals fans reported being verbally and physically abused, and their property vandalized by New York Islanders fans at Nassau Coliseum, unruly NY fans were at it again Saturday following the Islanders’ 3-1 victory over the Capitals.

The Caps’ radio announcer, John Walton, witnessed what he called “less than classy” behavior immediately following the game.  He described fans throwing beer bottles, rally towels, and assorted trash out onto the ice while participating in an obscene chant targeting the Caps and their fans.  Walton was quick to point out that most of the New York fans that he met were really great, but he reported his disdain for the thoughtless, inappropriate postgame behavior.

What would have happened if the Caps had won and clinched the series?  A riot?  We’ll never know but Caps’ fans are way above that kind of juvenile, idiotic behavior. Walton added, ”I’ll take Caps’ fans any day.”

In addition to the incidents involving the Caps’ fans, there was also a physical assault on a player when Caps’ defenseman, Brooks Orpik, had a beer thrown at his head after they beat the Ilses and tied the series 2-2 last Thursday.  The team was also pelted with racist, homophobic and obscene remarks. Really.

All of that aside, the Caps are down to game seven and they are happy to play it at home.  They need win or they’re out, but one thing is certain:  Caps’ fans everywhere will be Rocking the Red as the loudest, most dedicated, classiest fans in the NHL.

Let’s Go Caps!!

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