Ovechkin Passes Bondra as Caps’ All-Time Game-Winning Goal Scorer

Posted January 12, 2015

(Caps Outsider)

With his fifth game-winning goal of the season in Monday’s 2-1 win, Alex Ovechkin passed  Peter Bondra as the all-time leading game-winning goal scorer for the Capitals.

Already the all-time points leader for the Caps, Ovi still trails Bondra, and a few other Capitals, in a handful of other offensive categories that he is certainly on pace to beat in his career, which recently surpassed 700 games.

One number we have our eye on is 13 game winners in a season, a team record that still belongs to Bondra. Ovi has scored 11 game winners in a season twice, though let’s acknowledge that the game-winning goal is often out of a players’ control. The all-time season record belongs to Phil Esposito with 16, who did it twice.

Ovechkin is tied for 33nd all-time in game-winning goals. Though that’s far from Jaromir Jagr‘s career record of 125, keep in mind Ovechkin has done that in more than half the number of games as Jagr.

(As a side note, Peter Bondra has 78 game-winning goals in his career, since he scored a few with the Senators and Blackhawks.

Congratulations, Ovi!

Players Ovi passed recently in GWGs: