Bondra Still Has These Caps Records (But Ovi Will Break Most of Them)

Posted November 5, 2014

The Caps honor Peter Bondra earlier this season. (Caps Outsider)

Alex Ovechkin may have passed Peter Bondra as the all-time leader in points for a Capital, but Bondra still has some team records. Let’s take a look, and read more about this on Japers’ Rink.

Bondra Records


1. Peter Bondra 472
2. Alex Ovechkin 428

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Ovi will break this record this season as he hits 50 total goals again. At 44 behind, at the very worst he’ll break it early next season.

Even Strength Goals

1. Peter Bondra 303
2. Mike Gartner 288
3. Alex Ovechkin 270

Ovechkin could get this record this season, but he’d have to go on a tear. Last season, he scored 27 even-strength goals, but he’ll likely have this record by November or December next season.

Short-Handed Goals

1. Peter Bondra 32

No, Ovi will not pass Bondra as the Caps all-time short-handed goal leader. Ovi has four total, three of which came his rookie season.

Game-Winning Goals

1. Peter Bondra 73
2. Alex Ovechkin 70

The game-winning goal stat is often out of a players’ control, unless they score the go-ahead goal late in a game. Ovechkin had 11 during his best and worst seasons (65 goals in 2007-08 and 32 in 2012-13), but should easily break Bondra’s record this season.

Game-Winning Goals in a Season

1. Peter Bondra 13

The career record will easily be Ovi’s, but passing Bonzai in this department will require some luck. Bondra snagged the team record when he scored 52 goals in 1997-98. Ovi has scored 50 or more goals five times (Bondra only did it twice), but has managed 11 game-winners in a season, twice. Not bad at all, but not the team record.

Power Play Goals On-Ice For

1. Peter Bondra 427
2. Alex Ovechkin 421

Yes, Ovi will break this record this season.

Hat Tricks

1. Peter Bondra 19
2. Alex Ovechkin 13

This is a tough one. Relatively speaking, Ovechkin doesn’t get that many hat-tricks. With 13 in 8 1/2 seasons, he may be good for one or two this year. Realistically, Ovi won’t break this record for several seasons.

Career Playoff Game-Winning Goals

1. Peter Bondra 6
2. Alex Ovechkin 5

Yes, Ovi will break this.

Career Playoff Power Play Goals

1. Peter Bondra 13
2. Dale Hunter 11
2. Alex Ovechkin/John Druce 9

Ovi will likely break this record.

Not Bondra Records That Ovi Could Break

Hat Tricks in a Season

1. Alex Semin 3

If Ovi gets this record, Verizon Center’s hat-trick display will officially run out of room.


1. Michal Pivonka 418
2. Alex Ovechkin 399

Ovi will likely break this record in a few months, but Nicklas Backstrom, who is about 25 behind Ovi, will almost certainly pass him in the coming years.

Games Played

1. Calle Johansson 983

With 692 games played, Ovi just needs to stay healthy and he’ll pass this record in about four years.


1. Rod Langway 117
2. Scott Stevens 88
3. Joe Reekie 86
4. Jeff Schultz 78

Ovi is currently +45 in his career, but really, I just included this one to tick people off.

Most Career Penalty Shot Goals

1. Mike Gartner 3

Ovi has 2, in 9 attempts. Gartner, meanwhile, only had 3 attempts so even if Ovi breaks this record, Gartner is still 100%.

Career Playoff Scoring

1. Dale Hunter 72
2. Alex Ovechkin 61

Ovi better break Hunter’s record.

Caps Records Ovi Won’t Get

Penalty Minutes

1. Dale Hunter 2003

Ovi has a modest 464 penalty minutes.

Points in a Season

1. Dennis Maruk 136 (1981–82)

Granted, it was a totally different era of scoring when Maruk hit this mark. Ovi won’t get it – he came closest in 2007-08 with 112 points. But it’s more than likely that if Ovi played in this era, he would have definitely had this record, easily. No offense, Mr. Maruk.

Team Records Ovi Already Has

  • Power play goals in career (154 and counting)
  • Power play goals in a season (24)
  • Shots on goal career (3493 and counting)
  • Shots in a season (528)
  • Goals per game (.62 but likely to lower over the rest of his career)
  • Most goals in a season (65)
  • Most season with 50 or more goals (5)
  • Fastest goal in overtime (6 seconds)
  • Most overtime goals in a career (15)
  • Most overtime goals in a season (3)
  • Shootout goals (25)
  • Game-deciding shootout goals (8)
  • Career playoff goals (31)
  • Playoff plus/minus rating (+10 in 2009)
  • Most points in a playoff series (14 in 2009 vs. Pittsburgh)

Rookie records (2005-06)

  • Rookie power play goals in a season (21)
  • Rookie goals in a season (52)
  • Points in a season for a rookie (106)
  • Rookie point streak (11 games)
  • Rookie point streak to start season (8 games)
  • Rookie goals in consecutive games (7)

Various other records if broken down by position. Ovi also has several team all star game records, plus player of the week/month records for the team.

The team honors Peter Bondra, right, earlier this season. (Caps Outsider)

The team honors Peter Bondra, right, earlier this season. (Caps Outsider)