Ovechkin Passes Bondra, Is All-Time Caps Scoring Leader

Posted November 4, 2014

I pass Bonzai. Best!!!!!))))))))))) (Caps Outsider)

What took Peter Bondra 14 years to do, has only taken Alexander Ovechkin nine.

Ovechkin now leads the Washington Capitals in total points, passing Bondra’s previously held record of 825.

“It has been a thrill to watch Alex play for the Capitals during his young, illustrious career,” Bondra said. “He is an extremely talented player and I couldn’t be happier for him on achieving this great milestone. I extend to him my most sincere congratulations for passing my mark and becoming Washington’s franchise points leader. I wish him good luck in the rest of his career as he continues to rewrite the Capitals’ history books.”

Ovechkin also holds many other records over his Bondra. At the end of his rookie season, Ovechkin had more goals, points, power-plays and shots than any other rookie in Caps history.  At the conclusion of Bondra’s rookie season, he’d only scored a mere 12 goals of his eventual 472. Ovi had 52.

Bondra, however, was more of a pleasant surprise for the Capitals because Ovechkin, drafted first overall, was pretty much expected to be as good as he is. Bondra was the 156th overall draft pick.

Their history isn’t entirely filled with Ovechkin bettering Bondra however.  There are similarities between the two Capitals stars.

Bondra was born in Ukraine – though he later obtained Slovakian citizenship – in 1968, when it was still a part of the USSR.  He played for VSC Kosice in Czechoslovakia for four seasons before being drafted by the Capitals. Ovechkin was born in Russia in 1985, and played for Dynamo Moscow for three seasons prior to being drafted by the Capitals.  However, due to the lockout, he ultimately played with Dynamo Moscow for a fourth season.

Also like Bondra, Ovechkin has never won a Stanley Cup.  Ovi’s deepest playoff runs have gotten him to the second round, the conference semifinals.  While he has been that far during three separate seasons with the Capitals, Bondra made it to the final round of the playoffs during the 1997-1998 season before the Capitals were swept by the Detroit Red Wings.

Ovechkin is the team captain for the Washington Captials, a title he received after Chris Clark was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets, and a title Bondra never held.

But titles, draft picks and points aside, there’s no doubting that both Bondra and Ovechkin have played well and made history with the Washington Capitals.  As for Ovechkin, it’s time to see how high he can raise the record for the next great player.

Here is Ovi’s assist which put him ahead of Bondra.

Ovi's point No. 826, via Caps PR.

Ovi’s point No. 826, via Caps PR.