Ladies Love Alex Ovechkin

Posted August 21, 2009

OvechkinAlexander Ovechkin hosted a party to launch his new clothing line in Russia yesterday and the picture above is from the event. Puck Daddy has a full translated story on the festivities, and an interview with Ovie. We’ll just point out some of the highlights :

Ovechkin arrived at the event in a double-decker Hummer limo. The door opened upward like a DeLorean and an army of blondes and brunettes poured out. The organizers explained that the girls were models and singers from a couple of popular Russian pop bands.

Afterwards Ovechkin was asked a few questions :

Q. Blondes or brunettes?
Ovechkin : Redheads.
Q. An English word you say the most?
Ovechkin : It starts with the letter “F”.

Earlier in the month, Puckdaddy carried another Russian interview with Ovechkin :

Q. How do you prepare for the game? Is it true that you can’t have sex before the match?
Ovechkin : Sex really helps, actually.
Q. Is that before or after the match?
Ovechkin : Before and after.

Ah yes, what lady doesn’t love the Russian Sex Machine, that never breaks down?

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