Bondra: Alumni Game Will Be Fun

Posted December 9, 2010

It comes as no surprise that Peter Bondra will be playing in the alumni game when the old Penguins face the old Capitals the morning of the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh on Jan. 1*. I had a casual conversation with him Thursday evening during the first period.

“Are you ready for that?” I asked.

Bondra smiled. “Not in hockey shape,” he said, perhaps modestly. “What time is the game, 9:30? That’s too early.”

“I wonder if Alan May will get in a fight,” I said.

“Pittsburgh has a few tough guys,” Bondra replied.

Bondra, who spends time around town watching his son play for Team Maryland, frequently attends Capitals games and shows up at Caps-related events. He also said he’s looking forward to the game and it will be fun.

*According to On Frozen Blog, the game is on New Year’s Eve, at 9:30 a.m. Capitals Outsider is unclear if this is a mistake or not.